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This price guessing game is for the person constantly scrolling Zillow

Many people love to browse houses for sale and rentals. If you’re anything like us, you may have already acquired a natural sense of how much it costs to live anywhere in the world. If you’re a real estate fan, we’ve found the perfect game for you.

Read on for a fun way to explore house prices.

How to play Hou$le online

The rules of Hou$le are simple. You’ll have six tries to guess how much a piece of property is currently worth. To win, you must guess within 5% of the correct answer.

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If you miss it, you’ll get more information on the listing and another photo to inform your next move. It’s surprisingly invigorating, especially if you’re a closet Redfin junkie.

After guessing correctly, you’ll see the listed price, as well as stats on your performance. You’ll see how many rounds you’ve won, your score in terms of accuracy and your longest streak.

This game is especially fun if you’re house-hunting in real life. Why?

Whenever you guess one correctly, you’ll see the live listing from the home you just checked out. You can also see similar listings. If something catches your eye, you’re on your way to an entire world of gorgeous (and, sometimes, not so gorgeous!) homes on the market.

You can either play solo or share results with your friends. You can only guess on one listing per day, but you will definitely be back tomorrow.

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