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most expensive domain names
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Can you guess the most expensive URLs on the web?

When the internet became popular, buying domain names and hoping to sell them for profit was big business. The practice still goes on today. Memorable URLs will most likely cost you a pretty penny. You might have to pay a little extra if you’re after a catchy top-level domain.

As you’ll see below, the most expensive URLs have much in common. These aren’t your average fare, either. Some cost millions of dollars, making them some of the most outlandishly pricey digital properties on the market. Read on to see the most expensive URLs online.


This URL was worth $15 million when it was bought in 2022. Talk about riding the non-fungible wave.

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We’re not exactly sure what this Chinese site stands for. We found everything from cybersecurity solutions to generic home products like robot vacuums. In any case, the domain is worth a cool $17 million. Not bad.


Could this one be any more ironic? $18 million, and you have one of the most memorable monikers under the sun for your site.


We love the elegance of this URL. It really rolls off the tongue. The site is now dedicated to NFTs and the culture of digital art. It’s worth $30 million.


After being acquired by Nations Luxury Transportation, LLC, this domain was worth $30.18 million.


If you visit, you’ll be redirected to Vrbo. The site is worth an estimated $35 million.


You may as well position yourself where any interested party will find you, right? This URL sold for $35.6 million (and that was back in 2010).


This domain is worth an astonishing $49.7 million. You’ve got to hand it to this organization. The SEO value of this URL is objectively stellar.

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