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Money-saving trick to stream everything you want without breaking the bank

Are you a cord-cutter who relies on streaming services? Perhaps you’re a cord-never (those who have never signed up for cable) who utilizes apps like Roku, Apple+ and Pluto TV for watching television, or maybe you prefer a combo of cable and streaming services.

According to Statista, streaming subscribers will total almost 68 million in the U.S. by 2024. So, regardless of the route you take with your television content, chances are you or someone you know subscribes to at least one streaming service. Tap or click to check out the Komando guide to cutting the cord.

What do these people like about streaming TV? Content, convenience and cost. One trick will join all three and take your viewing experience to a whole other level.

The state of streaming

With a never-ending array of channels available today, you may find it a daunting task to know which subscriptions will satisfy your TV habits.

In addition to the heavy-hitters Amazon, Hulu and Netflix, newcomers Apple + and Disney + recently jumped into the mix, while rumors have Peacock (NBCUniversal) entering in the next few months. That’s not to mention the numerous others making their way to the streaming world.

Although this accumulation provides a world of programming, it also forces would-be subscribers to make a decision: which channel(s) to sign up for? Of course, as a standalone, each service is inexpensive compared to cable or satellite TV; however, the more channels you subscribe to the higher the monthly fees.

Sign up for enough services and you will surpass cable rates. Tap or click to get matched with the perfect streaming service with this interactive site.

How can you improve your viewing experience while getting the most out of your subscriptions? Consider switching between providers on a month-to-month basis.

A hop, skip and a jump

Unlike cable, streaming services don’t require you to sign a contract. So, you are free to cancel your subscription at any time. This practice could reduce your streaming costs because you will only pay for the services you want when you need them.

Let’s break it down a bit.

If you have two favorite shows that are exclusive to competing channels, don’t pay for both. You can only watch one show at a time, anyway, so why not subscribe to one service, watch your show, then cancel the subscription before the next billing cycle, then sign up for the second subscription to view your other show?

If you have several shows between various providers, consider switching subscriptions between billing cycles. As you alter streaming services, you may find it’s the right time to check out lesser-known, inexpensive or free channels like Pluto TV or Crackle. Tap or click to learn how to stream TV free with these 5 sites.

Decisions, decisions, decisions

While it requires little effort to subscribe or cancel a streaming service, deciding on what to watch and determining when the content is available takes a bit of consideration. Not already hooked on any specific series or movies? Here are ways to help you find content you will want to watch:

  • Rate shows on each platform (if this feature is available). Doing so helps the app know which shows to recommend for you.
  • Pay attention to review sites like Rotten Tomatoes.
  • Ask family or friends for show or movie recommendations.
  • Browse through the menu on each channel to get an overview of their programming and additional details about specific shows or movies.

It’s all about timing

You have chosen the shows you would like to watch, but now what? The next step is all about the timing, or more to the point, planning. In a nutshell, you will need to ensure the correct subscription is active when your show(s) will be airing.

Here are a few tips will help keep you in-the-know about what’s coming to what channels:

  • Create a list of the shows you wish to watch and keep it updated to avoid paying for the wrong channel at the wrong time.
  • Utilize websites that list out what’s coming, such as or
  • Look to the individual channels, like Netflix and Hulu, as many announce their upcoming schedules.
  • Apple TV and Amazon’s Fire Cube are also handy sources for finding out what’s streaming and where.

Don’t get too worked up

Of course, even with plenty of planning, things may not go as expected. Allow some flexibility in your scheduling to help you avoid unnecessary subscription fees. If you find this practice of skipping services month-to-month a bit of a challenge, consider sharing services with family members or friends to reduce your costs.

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While many providers have restrictions in regard to account sharing, most allow the practice. Disney+ welcomes it with up to seven user profiles per account. By way of some patience and planning, this money-saving trick will have you watching everything you want without breaking the bank.

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