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Know Amazon’s in-house brands so you don’t get taken when shopping

Often times whenever we need to buy anything, we turn to Amazon. It makes sense, really. Anyone who has ever used the site knows all sorts of items and gadgets can be found there, usually for a very good price.

If there is one downside, besides it being very easy to splurge and buy everything, it’s that just because it’s listed on Amazon does not mean the item has anything to do with the site. Many stores and companies simply use Amazon as an intermediary, a way to get their product in front of shoppers.

For the most part that’s not an issue, as shipping goes well and the product itself works just fine. But for some, there may be added comfort in knowing the item they bought comes directly from Amazon, and with so many products of their own, it’s certainly possible.

Learn Amazon’s brands

You are probably well aware of things like the Echo, Fire Stick and Fire Tablet. All of them have Amazon in their name, as do various other things you will find on the site.

But those are the obvious ones. There are other brands that can be found on the site, all of which are actually from Amazon, too.

They cover more than electronics and gadgets, with clothing, tools, baby products, consumer goods, furniture and even food all available.

But what are they? If you notice a line that says “Our Brand,” when browsing products, that indicates that you are looking at one of Amazon’s own.

But if you want to make life easy on yourself and head directly to those products, take a look at this list of Amazon brands.

Looking for clothes?

The bulk of Amazon’s brands focus on clothing, ranging from casual to dress and everything in between.

Franklin & Freeman – dress shoes for men

Franklin Tailored – suits and other dress clothes for men

James & Erin – dresses and tops for women

Lark & Ro – women’s wear

North Eleven – cover-ups, ponchos and kimonos for women

Scout + Ro – children’s clothing

Society New York – work clothes for women

Ella Moon – Bohemian-style women’s clothing

Mae – intimate apparel

Paris Sunday – casual tops and dresses

Amazon Essentials – tees, polo shirts, shorts, pants and intimates

Buttoned Down – button-down shirts for men

Goodthreads – casual men’s wear

Arabella – lingerie

Maybe it is food you seek

Single Cow Burger – frozen food

Happy Belly – fresh food

How about room essentials?

Pike Street – linen

Pinzon (by Amazon) – linen

Strathwood – furniture

There are plenty of other things, too

Beauty Bar – cosmetics

Denali – tools

Amazon Elements – vitamins, supplements, exercise stuff

Mama Bear – baby products

Myhabit – consumer goods

NuPro – tech accessories

Small Parts – spare parts

Smart is Beautiful – clothing, shoes, jewelry

Amazon Basics – electronics

Presto! – bio-based cleaners, detergents, dish soaps, etc.

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