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Kim picks her holiday tech gifts if money were no object

The Christmas season isn’t around the corner, it’s here! A time where joyous memories are made and fun gifts are exchanged. It really becomes a festive melting pot of family and friends from around the corner or from far away sharing special moments in front of the Christmas tree.

But we all know what gets swept under the rug, the proverbial “white elephant”in the room that nobody wants to chat about. Your finances are most likely attached at the hip with the holiday season.  We’ve all been there – spending way more money than we planned and getting stuck with budget-busting credit card bills.

Just for a second lets play the “what if” game. Like what if money was no option, what gifts would you buy your spouse, kids, grandchildren and yourself if you had Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos money?

Well, Kim Komando has been thinking about this. Take a look at Kim’s handpicked money’s-no-object Christmas gifts.

xFold Dragon x12 RTF U11 Drone, $31,721.82, Adorama

Initially you might want to scoff and bash this first pick. “A drone? Oh, that’s creative, drones have been on the market for several years … get with the times!” Hold on just a second, this isn’t any drone.

This select drone packs 12 motors and stands alone as the most powerful drone when it comes to combating high winds. Remember we are playing the “what if” game. Lets say you land a nice cottage in New Hampshire and now you can take this pristine futuristic flying machine to Mount Washington, which is known for being the windiest place in the country.

I have to share my favorite review of this drone that will cost you right around $32,000. One person who shelled out the cash for it said, “I flew this thing right into an f-5 tornado and boy I thought I was dreaming. I was getting a live HD view from the inside of the beast and everything looked great.”

The savvy select group that pieced together the battle-tested beast say, “This engineering design allows for significantly smoother footage, by using multiple axis gyro stabilized camera gimbals, allowing for longer flight times with absolute balance.”

When I called this drone a beast I wasn’t exaggerating, as this model has the capability to carry up to 100 pounds. In perspective it could pick up your average Golden Retriever and a sack of groceries at the same time.

Saying the name out loud to another person just sounds cool. “Hey neighbor what are you tinkering with? Oh, just my XFold Dragon x12 RTF U11 drone.”

Buy the XFold Dragon x12 RTF U11 Drone at


Hey, if your going all in on a $32,000 drone, then you might as well buy the gaudy gadget accessories. These drone designed glasses are only $700, that’s pocket change, my friend.

As soon as I looked at this product, this song popped into my head:

So why the need for the space-aged spectacles? Well if your flying a drone that costs more than most of the cars you see on the road, you need a precise picture of where you are flying. The manufacturer boasts in a bold way about the features with these smart glasses. This accessory will, “redefine first-person view.” The designers go onto say, “this innovative display delivers real-time footage that doesn’t block your view. This helps to ensure a safe, distraction-free flight experience.”

OK, you sold me.

Sleep Number i7 360 Queen Mattress, $3,299,

Tired of all this drone talk? Me, too. Let’s chat about sleep. Experts say we spend a third of our lives getting shut-eye. Think about that for a second. Let’s say you make it to 90, that means 30 of those years were spent under the covers.

You got the cash handy and plenty of years to go why not invest in the time you spend with your ear on the pillow?

This smart bed from “Sleep Number” will cost you anywhere from $3,300 to $5,500, but it comes packed with bonuses that become bragging material when you share your sleep stories to friends and family.

Here’s the kicker, the smart bed has built-in “SleepIQ technology. Yes, this mattress tracks how well you sleep each night. On top of that the cozy yet costly bedding connects you to your favorite health and wellness apps, giving you insight and an in-depth link between your everyday life and how it affects your sleep.

Move over Ambien and Melatonin, we got money to perfect our precious zzz’s. 

Pull out that credit card for your comfort and shop here for the smart mattress of your choice.

Movado Unisex Swiss Connect Stainless Steel Bracelet Smart Watch, $895, Macy’s

I’m a little biased on this one simply because I love Movado watches. Sorry, that is the ’80s “yuppie” in me that comes out from time to time. But this watch is 1988 and 2018 all rolled into one. The “elegant touchscreen” will turn heads when you flash this stainless steel smart watch.

Ready for the laundry list of features? All right, the watch displays phone calls, texts, appointments, music, email & notifications; includes an “accelerometer”, gyroscope, microphone, ambient light sensor.

For roughly $900, this Movado is a must for those full of money, click here to give it a look or purchase the smart watch!

Samsung 88-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV, from $13,997.97, Amazon

In a sneaky way it’s fun to people watch at Costco or Best Buy. Next time you stop into a big-box store, notice the gawkers that are hypnotized by shiny tech-savvy television screens on display.

Since money is no problem in this scenario, I would get express shipping on this 88″ Samsung 4K television. Sure we are talking almost $14,000, but imagine the NFL, Netflix or any gaming system streaming on this jaw-dropping screen.

Want a closer look? Click here and check out Amazon for all the details.

Hammacher Schlemmer’s Racing Simulator, $185,000,

Yes. Yes on so many levels. A realistic racing simulator?  Sure, I could afford a trip to the “Autobahn,” but why travel halfway around the world when I could cruise from the comforts of home?

When you have money, and this is true for people with “old money” or those with “new money,” you need something ridiculous and outlandish. This racing simulator is just that thing. When you sit down and buckle up, the simulator lets you escape into a fantasy racing world with 12 race cars that include stock, GT, F1, and F3 models.

Price tag? $185,000.

Put the pedal to metal for this must have racing simulator by checking in out here.

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