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I bet you didn’t know you could rent this out

Halloween tiptoes in on spooky skeleton toes and beyond that lies the holiday shopping season. With travel coming, parties that need gifts and outfits, and, of course, Black Friday and Christmas shopping, everyone’s looking for a little bit of extra cash as the year ends. Let’s face it, though, playing cabbie for Uber or Lyft isn’t great, especially if you’re not the chatty type, but what if there was another way?

With your budget ready to burst, it’s time to get creative. Poke around your garage or dig into your shed and see what you can rent out. That’s right, you don’t have to sell that snowboard or drive your car around downtown to pay for that trip to grandma. Sites are springing up all over allowing you to rent out old exercise gear, your spare car, or even your driveway.

You can even put your house to work. It’s about time it earned its keep after all, right? Take a look at these unconventional ways to earn a few bucks for gifts, travel, and fun this holiday season.

Rent your ride

Driving strange people around is for the adventurous, but that doesn’t mean your car can’t pay for itself. Sites like Turo and Getaround allow you to list your car for rent, so you don’t need to do the driving to make a few extra dollars. Features vary by site, but most of them offer insurance and liability policies to protect your car, and you can even vet who gets the keys.

And we all know the downside of having a truck is people wanting to borrow your truck, right? Everyone needs a truck for moving day, so why not list it on GoShare? You can make $41 to $71 an hour, which beats hoping your buddy remembers to pick up that pizza he promised.

Rent your RV

Who even has time to use their RV these days? Don’t let that big old camper sit and go to waste when it could provide holiday cash for you and the kids. RVShare lets you list your RV so others can borrow it. They handle all the dirty work, from billing to roadside assistance, so you never have to worry about payment coming through or your camper getting stuck in Yellowstone. RVShare also lets you vet the tenants before you rent, so you have complete control throughout the process.

Rent your driveway

Your driveway does a good job of holding up your car, but is it doing its fair share of labor? Is that really all it can do to help around the house? If you have extra space in your driveway and don’t mind someone parking there, rent it out with AirGarage. You can earn a few extra bucks a month and save someone the expensive hassle of paying for a premium parking spot. And hey, maybe the neighbors will think that nice new BMW is yours, right? Sometimes it’s the little things.

Rent your spare space

Basements: They’re full of spiders and kind of creepy, but they could also be full of cash. Sometimes people have too much stuff and they need a place to store it. Why not put it in your basement or spare room? Nxtstor connects people with too much stuff to people with too much space. Pick your rates and match your storage partner and you could be making a few hundred bucks a month just for having a basement. Now, what to do about all those spiders?

Rent…all that other stuff

You have a lot of stuff, but what if someone could use that stuff? Like all those tools you bought once, used once, then put in the utility closet to gather dust? And then there’s things like that big tent you bought for camping, but nobody in your family really likes being away from the Wi-Fi that long. Why let it sit in the garage when someone else could use it? Sites like RentNotBuy connect you with your neighbors and people in your area that could use that riding lawn mower that you use once a month. Charge a reasonable fee and earn money by not doing anything. Who could ask for anything better? Most of these services let you charge a deposit, too, so even if someone gets a little wild with the nail gun, you can pay to replace it.

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