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How to get free Amazon gift cards

Every year around the holidays, families empty their bank accounts trying to put presents under the tree. Professionals spend part of their paycheck finding the best gift for their boss. Grandparents even go all-out to complete the wish lists their grandkids sent them via text or email.

To make it easy on themselves, more and more consumers are making Amazon their primary shopping destination. Prime members even get free 2-day shipping, eliminating the biggest downside to most online shopping.

What could be better than getting all of your shopping done without changing out of your pajamas? How about doing it all for free? Fortunately, there are a variety of ways to get free Amazon gift cards and make this dream a reality.

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Cash back on purchases

If you love Amazon, you’re probably already a fan of online shopping in general. When you shop through TopCashback, you can earn cash back on your purchases. When it’s time to get paid, just select an Amazon gift card and you’ll receive an additional 3 percent boost!

Ibotta is another well-known cash-back service. With the Ibotta app, you can earn cash back on select grocery products and cash in your earnings for an Amazon gift card. Shop, save, and turn those savings into an Amazon shopping spree.


With MyPoints, you can earn points for a wide range of different tasks like shopping, completing surveys, printing coupons, or watching videos. As you earn points, you can trade them in for Amazon gift cards.


How many times a day do you do an online search? You enter a search when you’re trying to figure out the name of the guy on that show you’re watching. Or when someone in your office throws out a word you’ve never heard before.

With Bing rewards, you can earn points every time you search for something on this popular search engine. If you are using the Microsoft Edge browser, you’ll earn even more. When you earn enough points, you can redeem them for Amazon gift cards.

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Credit card rewards

If you frequently spend a good chunk of change on Amazon and wield the strength to pay off your credit cards every time the bill arrives, you can earn points with the Visa card. You’ll even earn points when you shop somewhere else, though not as many as you earn on Amazon purchases, naturally. These points can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards and can add up quick!

Amazon Trade-In Program

Rather than heading over to the old pawn shop to scrounge up some cash, why not trade in your old electronics and books with the Amazon Trade-In Program? They often pay more than their competitors and the process, as to be expected with Amazon, is simple and straightforward. Your earnings will be provided in the form of an Amazon gift card.

Mechanical Turk

Get your paycheck in Amazon dollars! Mechanical Turk is a crowdsourcing service that will pay you to complete simple tasks. As you complete surveys, perform basic data entry or review content for typos, you earn money – just like you would at any other job. Sure, you can get your cash via direct deposit, but the option to get paid in the form of an Amazon gift card is way more fun.

Answer surveys

Mechanical Turk is hardly the only place to get paid for completing surveys. Survey Spot, Harris Poll, Opinion Outpost and Toluna are some popular survey websites that offer payment in the form of an Amazon gift card. So, next time you have some time to kill, take some surveys and start racking up your Amazon gift card balance.


If you’ve ever looked into ways to make money online, you’ve likely run across Swagbucks. This service is popular for a reason. Like MyPoints, you can earn points for doing simple tasks like web searches, shopping, playing games and watching videos. Get enough points, and you can earn yourself yet another Amazon gift card.

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Already planning a trip to the store? Take a moment to check out the Shopkick app to find the best deals. Then use the app to earn points by scanning certain items and scanning your receipt when you’re done. You can even earn points just for being at the store! When all is said and done, you can cash in your points for an Amazon gift card.

Amazon promotions

If you’re not keen on completing online tasks to earn rewards, you can find your free gift cards right on Amazon. Amazon has been known to regularly offer free gift cards when you spend a certain dollar amount in a certain category.

So next time you think you can’t afford that one item that’s been in your “Save for later” cart on Amazon for the last few months, try out one or more of these simple ways to earn free Amazon gift cards. Before you know it, you’ll have enough to finally make that purchase. Best of all, you won’t have to pay a dime.

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