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The 3 best and worst things to do when you’re selling your home

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Presented by Angi - Your home for everything home

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If you’re ready to pack up your things and try a new change of scenery, buckle up. You’re about to embark on one of the toughest quests a homeowner will face. If you want to sell your home as painlessly as possible, keep reading.

We’ve got three of the best ways to maximize your sale price. For example, even small renovation projects can infuse new life into your home and make it look 10 times better to buyers. Tap or click here for five simple ways to boost your home’s value.

We’ll also sign light on three of the worst things to do when you’re selling your home — along with our favorite way to find the right pros to spruce up your pad.

DON’T: Use Craigslist or Google Search to find contractors

One of the best things you can do when selling your home wrap up any construction projects you have going on. You want your house to look its best, after all. There’s just one problem: You’ll need to hire a contractor or handyman … and that’s a whole task in and of itself.

Finding a good contractor takes time. Going with the cheapest option comes with a few big risks.

If you hire a contractor you find on Google Search or Craigslist, you’re gambling on a random person whose qualifications you aren’t sure of. They might not even show up — after all, there are no consequences to wasting your time. Or, even worse, you may be giving over money and person info to someone who never even intended to do the job.

We recommend going through an app made for finding contractors. This is an indicator the person you connect with isn’t just out to make a buck scamming people. Contractors that take the time to sign up in these apps want to keep customers like you happy.

DO: Use Angi to find contractors

We recommend Angi for finding reliable contractors who will get any job, big or small, done right. It’s so easy to use, too. Just tell Angi where you are, what you need and how often you need it.

Once you input your information, you’ll find fixed prices from a few different providers. You can see reviews from real people, so you know what you’re getting into. Angi only lets people who interact with pros leave reviews, so you don’t have to worry about inflated, fake and unreliable comments.

Want to try it out? Download the free app at

Full disclosure: Angi is a sponsor of Kim’s national radio show.

DON’T: Forget to update Zillow and other sites

Real estate websites like Zillow have sophisticated algorithms that estimate your home’s value. Sometimes, they’re way off the mark — but potential home buyers don’t know that.

It’s worth checking out Zillow’s Zestimate, the RE/MAX Home Worth Calculator and the Redfin Estimate to see where your home stacks up according to these sites.

You can expect prospective buyers to look at your home on these sites before seeing it in person. They’ll come to their own conclusions. If Zillow’s estimated home value is wrong, people are getting the wrong impression. Thus, not updating Zillow is one of the biggest home-selling mistakes you can make.

Update your home’s information on those sites to make sure people get an accurate idea of your home’s value. Make sure all the details listed are correct and that any renovations or upgrades you’ve made are listed. Tap or click here for a deep dive into the different home estimator tools you’ll find on the web.

DO: Create curb appeal

If you’ve never heard this term before, “curb appeal” refers to the way your home looks when people pull up to visit you. If you have piles of raked leaves or a poorly-painted door, that damages your curb appeal. You want to make your home’s exterior as beautiful as possible so potential home buyers get a great first impression.

There are a few ways to create curb appeal. You can get a paint job, mow the lawn fix your mailbox, clean your gutters or even add some decor to your front door.

DON’T: Hire a friend to be your real estate agent

Let me tell you about a neighbor who made this mistake. She didn’t spend any time researching the best real estate agent in her area. “My best friend is a realtor, so I can just use him!” she told me.

She regretted it almost immediately. Her friend was lackadaisical throughout the whole home-selling process. He undervalued the home, engaged with lowballers, gave my neighbor bad advice and gave crumbly cookies to people who wanted to tour the house.

As he guided people around each room, the potential buyers would chomp away at the cookies, leaving a trail of crumbs they stomped into the carpet. Altogether, my neighbor’s decision to hire a friend did more harm than good. She wound up replacing him with another agent and the friendship shattered.

Let this be a lesson: Don’t mix friends with business. Take the time to research the best possible real estate agent. You’ll get your money’s worth — and save your friendships from souring.

DO: Set up a second phone number

If you’re listing your home yourself, set up a second phone number through your carrier or Google Voice. You don’t want your real number posted everywhere.

If you use your smartphone number, it will start ringing at all hours of the day. Scammers might snatch it from the internet and start blowing up your phone. Your voicemails will go through the roof.

For the sake of simplicity (and your sanity), set up a second phone number that interested parties can call. Tap or click here for steps to set up a Google Voice number and more handy uses for it.

You just avoided some of the biggest home selling mistakes

Is your mind spinning with projects you need to knock out before you sell? Angi puts everything you need to tackle projects right in the palm of your hand. When you download the Angi app, you can find a professional in minutes.

Planning a renovation? Angi will match you with the best contractor for the job. You can even schedule seasonal jobs, like an AC tuneup, or routine maintenance, like lawn care. Angi even lets you pay securely through its app once your home project is done. How easy is that?

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