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Looking for a change? Check this site to find cities that will pay you to move

The pandemic brought many unfortunate changes, but not everything was terrible. One significant change was the emergence of remote work. While many thought this was temporary, it appears the remote worker is here to stay. Tap or click for ways to manage remote workers.

If you work from home, where you live is entirely up to you. Several cities have caught on to this trend and decided to use it to their advantage. If you are a remote worker, you might like to move to an exciting new location and be paid to do it.

There is a new website that lists opportunities for relocation for remote workers. Keep reading for your best options and tips to live the most exciting remote work life possible.

Here’s the backstory

MakeMyMove is laid out pretty simply. By heading to offers, you’ll see a list of all potential opportunities. The highest recommendations are listed first. Offers are for cities and states.

By clicking on a card, you are taken to the specific details of that offer. After looking at the details of the town, you’ll see the cash offer and an option to claim it.

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By clicking claim that offer, you’ll be taken to a section to apply. It’s that simple. A quick note, however, you’ll need to create an account to apply for any offers.

Where can I move?

There are dozens of amazing offers on MakeMyMove. Some of them are better than others. Let’s take a look at a few that have the best incentives:

Southwest Michigan

Are you interested in moving to the midwest? Despite the frigid winters, and they are cold, the midwest has a lot to offer. At just 90 miles from Chicago, enjoy the city without paying the price. If you choose to relocate to Southwest Michigan, you’ll be given a $15,000 grant upon purchasing a new home. Here are the requirements:

  • Not current Michigan resident
  • Must purchase a home in ZIP codes 49022, 49085, 49103, 49127
  • Must be considered a full-time Michigan resident (obtain Michigan driver’s license and claim Michigan home as primary residence)

Topeka, Kansas

If you are looking for a historic city with beautiful suburbs but with that city feel, Topeka might be for you! If you choose to relocate to Topeka, you’ll get $10,000 towards purchasing a home. Want to rent? Enjoy a $5,000 subsidy towards your living costs. For a fun and quirky twist, you’ll also get $1,000 in Jimmy John’s sandwiches to keep you fed all year long! Here are the requirements:

  • Purchase or rent a home within a year of move
  • Must be eligible to work in the U.S.
  • Employer must be located outside of Shawnee County

Montpelier, Vermont

Montpelier might be a welcome change if you are looking for a quiet and picturesque place to live. The city boasts various hip and unique restaurants and more craft beer options than you could ever imagine.

If you choose to relocate here, you’ll get $5,000 a year in cash for two years. If you fall in love and get a job at a local Vermont business, you’ll get an additional bonus of up to $7,500! The only requirement is to be on standby until they give you a call.

What else can I do on MakeMyMove?

In addition to browsing available offers, you can also list your community if you work for a municipality with remote worker incentives. You can also sign up for future updates if the city you are looking to move to isn’t available yet.

You will find some amazing opportunities on this site. Give it a look, and who knows, maybe it’ll be the life-changing event that you have been waiting for all these years.

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