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Quiz: Can you guess the most expensive vehicle repairs?

Presented by CarShield - CarShield Cars Go Farther!

Presented by CarShield - CarShield Cars Go Farther!

Call 1-800-858-2550 and mention code KIM, or visit and use code KIM to save 20%.

You’re driving along without a care in the world, and then it starts. A sputter, a clanking, a shake or some other sign that … Uh oh. Something is wrong.

Your first thought? “How much is this going to cost me?” The same thought comes to mind when your check engine light comes on. Instead of worrying, one of these handy diagnostics gadgets can help you figure out what’s wrong.

Let’s say something seriously wrong is going on. How much is it going to cost? It might be a couple of hundred bucks, or you could be facing thousands of dollars in repairs.

How much is this going to cost me?

For 10 years, has created annual reports on check engine-light-related repairs: The most common issues, costs for fixing them across the U.S. and even the most expensive repairs drivers face.

Below are the 10 most expensive check engine-related repairs, from least to most costly.

10. Replace Engine Control Module (ECM): $839
9. Replace Powertrain Control Module (PCM): $897
8. Replace Electronic Brake Control Module (EBCM): $1,140
7. Replace ABS Modulator Assembly: $1,767
6. Replace Catalytic Converter(s) with new OE Catalytic Converter(s): $2,512
5. Replace Cylinder Head Assembly: $2,625
4. Replace Transmission Assembly: $4,310
3. Replace Hybrid Battery: $4,330
2. Replace Transmission and Torque Converter: $5,280
1. Replace Engine Block Assembly: $7,348

Wow, those prices are no joke. Aside from maintaining your vehicle and hoping for the best, what can you do? That’s where our sponsor CarShield comes in.

How does CarShield work?

You already know the headaches that come with any auto repair. On top of the final cost, you have to deal with inconveniences along the way that may include the price of a rental car.

Starting at just $99 a month, CarShield offers customizable and flexible payment plans with no long-term contracts. CarShield has helped over 1 million customers. It’s America’s No. 1 auto protection company, for good reason. Here’s a closer look at the coverage:

  • Engine, drive axle and transmission coverage: Most of CarShield’s plans cover these expensive repairs.
  • Highly customizable service plans: Select the options and coverage you need for your vehicle.
  • Easy, flexible payment terms: There’s a plan for every budget.
  • 24-hour roadside assistance: No more worrying about the potential of a breakdown. Get roadside assistance 24/7, anywhere.
  • Towing and rental cars provided: Breakdowns are a nightmare. With CarShield, your car will be towed and receive rental car benefits with qualifying repairs.
  • Your choice of repair facility: You’re not limited here. Take your vehicle to your dealer or any ASE licensed mechanic.

What are you waiting for? Don’t hold off until something goes wrong. You’ll be stuck with a huge bill. Save even more for being a listener of Kim’s show! Call CarShield at 800-CAR-6000 and mention code KIM or visit and use code KIM to save 10%!

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