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Everything you can rent out to make extra money

These days, there’s a way to make money a million different ways. This isn’t the job market that most of us grew up in.

It used to be that you graduated high school or college and headed out to find a job. You typed up a resume, called phone numbers in the Help Wanted section and went on interviews.

You’d land a decent job and keep it for several years. That still happens, of course, but your job is now just one of several ways that you make money.

You can drive a ride-sharing car for extra money. You can do someone’s errands for a few extra bucks or you can answer phone calls as a virtual assistant.

But did you know you can also make money by renting out your RV, car, house and more while you’re not using them? We’ve got a few ways for you to make extra money that you may not have thought about.

Recreational Vehicle

There is nothing quite as fun as a family road trip. You’ll have a great time traveling to a nearby campground, a national park or clear across the country.

It’s better in an RV, though. Instead of booking expensive hotel rooms, you can hit the road in an RV that suits your family’s needs.

You’ll want lots of sleeping space and a tricked-out kitchen if you’re bringing your kids and parents. A small, cool RV that sleeps two may be better suited to you.

Whatever works best for you, your RV inevitably has downtime. After all, you’re not on the road 365 days a year.

So, why not make some cash while your RV isn’t being used?


Uber and Lyft have changed the way we go out to eat, visit friends or find our way back to a hotel in a strange city. Just tap an app and a driver will roll up in a few minutes to take you where you’re going.

But did you know that you can rent out your car to ride-sharing drivers? On sites like HyreCar and Turo, you can register your car and make extra money each time a ride-sharing driver takes a passenger from here to there or a vacationer tours your town.


Do you have extra bikes in your garage that no one seems to use? We all do.

Now, you can make cash by renting out those bikes (and surfboards, skis and a lot more). Check out apps like Spinlister for details.


You’ve heard about Airbnb. That’s the website where you can rent someone’s house or condo while you’re on vacation, or rent your home to vacationers.

There are other rental sites, though, like VRBO. It’s a vacation rental marketplace where you can rent homes for days, weeks, months or even years!

Parking Space

What big events happen in your town? Is there a Grand Prix, horse show, air show, the Super Bowl or some other event that brings thousands of people to your neck of the woods?

That’s when you see parking lots popping up all over town. Guys are holding up signs to park for $10 or $20 in an old, beat-up parking lot that typically sits empty.

You can do the same with your garage, carport or driveway. Think about posting your parking space for rent on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist or a similar site.

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