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ERC COVID relief
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I got $400K in gov’t ERC COVID relief money

Presented by - Get refunds for keeping employees during COVID

Presented by - Get refunds for keeping employees during COVID

Find out if your small business qualifies for up to $26,000/employee in ERC assistance! Go to to get started.

I vet every single sponsor, so when our sales VP told me about, I tried it out. This site helps small businesses get COVID relief funds for keeping employees during the pandemic. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much.

Whoa! I found out I was owed $400,000. Seriously. This is not PPP. It’s different. It’s the Employee Retention Credit. If you kept your full-time or equivalent employees on payroll during COVID, you could get a huge refund, too.

There’s no upfront charge — they don’t get paid until your business gets its refund. Heck, it’s worth checking to see if your business is owed money, too. Go now to Be sure to tell them I sent you!

Go to to get started, and in less than 8 minutes, see if your business qualifies for ERC assistance. →

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