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Pick up these cool-weather gadgets to keep you warm

Winter’s halfway over, and the temperatures for many of us are still in single digits. We’re busting out the heavier winter wear with comfortable hoodies, wearing our favorite boots, and sipping on delicious pumpkin spice-flavored treats. We’re also starting to contend with all the other, more unfavorable things that come along with colder weather.

Luckily, there are plenty of fun and easy-to-use gadgets out there that can make dealing with the chill in the air much more manageable. Try some of these favorite cool-weather gadgets from the Komando Shop to keep you warm and toasty.

1. Keep your coffee from going cold with a cup warmer.

If coffee is a must-have for your daily routine but you don’t have time to enjoy it in your house before you leave for work, this AutoCafe Cup Warmer is a must-have. It fits into one of your car’s cupholder slots and plugs right into your 12V DC plug to keep a constant flow of heat to your favorite coffee mug.

It works with just about any 12 to 20 oz cup, and is safe to be used with paper and styrofoam cups as well — so even if you pick up a coffee on the go from Starbucks or your favorite coffee joint, you can preserve its warmth while on your morning commute. Now you won’t have to make the mad dash to the microwave to reheat it when you get there.

AutoCafe Cup Warmer

AutoCafe Cup Warmer

at Komando Shop

2. Grab a car heater/defroster for those cold winter mornings.

How many times have you gone out into the bitter cold in the morning, only to find that your windshield and windows have frosted over? You’ve got to scramble for the scraper, but while you’re trying to scrape off any possible ice, you’ve got to wait for the car to warm up so you can defrost your windows.

With the Car Heater/Defroster from the Komando Shop, you can set up a portable warming station powered by your car’s 12V DC port that you can mount anywhere to supercharge your winter car prep. It should help you sort out your defrosting situation in no time, letting you get a bit more sleep, too — which is always a plus.

Car Heater/Defroster

Car Heater/Defroster

at Komando Shop

3. Use a food warmer to keep your meals and snacks toasty so you can enjoy them later.

There’s nothing better than a steaming hot snack when you’re chilly at home, and with this Food Warmer, you can make sure your delicious cheese dips, fondues, dipping chocolate, and other snacks are warm at all times. The 16oz heater can even hold a bit of soup if you want to keep it on hand, like a bit of tomato soup to warm you right up.

It’s small enough to take to those holiday parties that’ll start cropping up, too. The removable ceramic dish can be washed in the dishwasher, and it comes apart simply for easy cleanup. For warm wintry snacks, this warmer should deliver on just about everything you need for yummy dip and cheese prep.

Food Warmer

Food Warmer

at Komando Shop

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