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Easy way to help your child start their own online business

Kids are now born into a world of technology, innovation and a growing market of non-traditional jobs. In contrast, most of those from our generation couldn’t work until we were a teenager. Today’s entrepreneurial environment has changed things for our children.

If you are interested in protecting hard-earned money, here are seven simple ways to save money online.

Want to give your kids a head start or a lesson in money management? This new platform may be for you. Here’s an easy way to help your child start their own business.

What is Mighty?

Mighty is a platform similar to Shopify and Etsy that allows you to open an online storefront. Except, there’s a twist: This platform is only for children! Started in California by two well-known entrepreneurs, the platform is currently in Beta testing. So far, it’s doing well and plans to expand services and offerings soon.

The creators drew from their own experiences when raising their children. Struggling to find a better way to teach them business-related skills, they encouraged them to sell homemade crafts. Surprise, it worked.

What can you sell on Mighty?

Currently, Mighty partners with Printful, the platform that also partners with Etsy. They also partner with artisans worldwide to give you a wide range of items to place in your store. Using Printful, you can sell customized clothing, bags, dishware and a host of other choices. You can also select products in home decor, sports and even toys.

Unfortunately, as of right now, you can not sell your handmade products, nor can you sell services, think window-cleaning and snow shoveling. The company plans to launch these options in the future, so you should keep an eye out for any announcements on the platform.

How does Mighty work?

The platform couldn’t be easier to use. Head to the website and press Get Started. From there, it allows you to set up a custom storefront so you can sell your products. It works somewhat like an online lemonade stand.

Mighty also has a community support forum that allows other young users to share business tips. A parent will have to provide an email address for verification and banking information. The set-up is very user-friendly and quick, and your child could be running their own business in a few hours.

How does Might make money?

While you do earn real money selling your products, Mighty takes a cut of every sale. It also plans to launch subscriptions on its platforms to unlock premium features, but it hasn’t publically released details as of yet.

So while you currently don’t have to pay directly to use the platform, you will lose a percentage of every sale directly to Mighty for allowing you to sell on its platform. Keep reading for some inspirational stories.

Sariyah Faith Styles

You might be wondering if Mighty has any success stories, and it does! Sariyah Faith is a young woman looking to become a powerful female entrepreneur one day. She is using Mighty’s platform to learn business skills so she can be successful later in life.

She offers various colorful products, including hoodies, cell phone covers and even Crayola and Play-Doh products.

Quill Works

Elise wanted a summer job to help her earn extra money, but COVID-19 had other plans. Determined to find another option, she came across Mighty and opened a storefront. Her store carries a variety of yoga products and fun thrifty bags for the summer months.

The Gem Factory

Mighty has many CEOs, each of them as unique as a diamond in the rough. Jude is a young boy who enjoys using his personal storefront to bring beautiful items to people around the country. His shop carries cultural items that are hand-crafted by artisans all over the world.

While many of Mighty’s CEOs choose to stock their shop with hundreds of products, Jude has just one page of carefully selected products. It includes handcrafted coffee mugs and woodwork.

Help your child become Mighty

Ready to join Mighty’s network yourself? Head here to get started. You’ll need to put your child’s name into the field and give them your email to open an account. After that, it’s just a few easy steps to get selling:

  • Name your business.
  • Design your logo.
  • Select your products (there are so many options to choose from!)
  • Design your brand.
  • Tell your story.
  • Pick a website name.
  • Launch your shop!

Mighty is an innovative new idea that might get kids involved in making cash years before having a job. Who knows, maybe their shop will be successful, and they can pay the bill next time!

While you are exploring the ether-verse for ideas for your children, don’t forget to protect them. Tap or click here to see apps that could be dangerous for kids and remove them.

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