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Can you afford a $3K transmission repair? Do this before the worst happens

Presented by CarShield

Presented by CarShield

Call 800-CAR-6000 and mention code KIM, or visit and use code KIM to save 10%.

Seeing the check engine light turn on can give anyone anxiety. That light comes on and you think, “How much is this going to cost? Is this repair really necessary? How long can I put it off?” With CarShield, you don’t have to worry.

Kim’s sponsor CarShield offers a wide range of protection plans that can save you thousands for covered repairs. That check engine light is a lot less scary when it comes on. You have the freedom to choose your favorite mechanic or dealership to do the work. 

The only thing better than knowing you’re getting the best deal is trusting you’re in good hands. Thanks to CarShield, you can have it all — vehicle protection at an unbeatable price and absolute peace of mind.

Right now, you can save an extra 10% on a protection plan from CarShield. Call 800-CAR-6000 and mention code KIM, or visit and use code KIM to save 10%.

What are customers saying?

CarShield helps prevent stress at a critical time. You can save thousands for covered repairs, including transmissions, engines — even electronics and a lot more. On top of that, you can choose your favorite ASE-certified mechanic or dealership to do the work, and CarShield gets the rest taken care of.

Plus, you won’t get stuck with long-term contracts. CarShield offers a wide range of coverage for a low month-to-month cost. And you’ll only pay for coverage that you actually need because plans are completely customizable.

More than 1 million customers trust CarShield. Here’s what some have to say.

“I have a Ford truck that I love, with over 200K mileage, and plan to drive for upwards of half a million miles if it lasts that long. I first came across CarShield when looking for extended warranties. I was a little skeptical at first, but when I crunched the numbers, I realized that this service was worth it for me.

Sure enough, within a year I had a major transmission problem, and not only was my repair covered, but my tow and rental car were taken care of as well. Without CarShield I would have had to wipe out my savings, or worse yet, give up my truck. I can’t recommend this service enough!” – Dave G.

Ava D. switched to CarShield after her manufacturer’s warranty expired and used it to fix her transmission. “I’m so glad I got CarShield or else I would have been out of thousands of dollars! The process to submit was claim was fast easy with no hassle at all.”

Crossing your fingers and hoping an expensive repair won’t come your way is a losing gamble. Protect your wallet and get peace of mind with CarShield.

Call 800-CAR-6000 and mention code KIM, or visit and use code KIM to save 10%.

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