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Best way to sell things online and not use Craigslist

You’ve heard the Craigslist horror stories. We’ll spare you the gory details, except to say: If you’re buying or selling anything on Craigslist, be extremely careful about who you’re talking to and where you’re meeting them.

Still, it’s so tempting to sell things online. Just open up your garage or go down to the basement, and you know what we’re talking about.

If you’re like me, you have stacks of junk that have piled up over the years. Great news, though! Your “junk” is someone’s treasure. They’ll pay good money for appliances, electronics, smartphones, video games and so much more.

So, why not make a few hundred dollars this summer? Clean up the garage and basement. You’ve been meaning to. Just put everything that’ll fetch you some cash to the side.

You’ll have to clean up the items you’re selling and make sure they’re working. Then, take high-quality photographs and post those and product descriptions online.

But where do you sell them? We’ve got three suggestions, starting with a site you’ve probably spent a few hours on today.

Any guesses? Keep reading to find out which sites that will make you money.

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Make money on Facebook

When you’re looking around your house for items to sell, your mind first goes to Craigslist. That’s understandable.

Craigslist is a bare-bones, easy-to-use site where you can buy everything from smartphones to cars to movie scripts. Unfortunately, it’s too risky, especially when you’re meeting face to face with the strangers buying your items.

A better option is Facebook Marketplace. If you haven’t heard of Marketplace, it’s an easy-to-use site that taps into the sheer size of Facebook. But you may not have access to it yet.

While Facebook has had Marketplace available for 10 years, it’s still rolling it out, tweaking it and improving it.

Note: Look for a storefront icon at the bottom of your Facebook page. If it’s there, follow these steps to post an item or service for sale.

1. Tap on the storefront icon, then the Sell button

2. Find a photo of the item you’re selling from your camera roll

3. Give that item a name, like Stainless Steel Microwave, and type in a description

4. Enter the price you’re selling it for and your ZIP code

5. Put it into a category like Household

Easy money on eBay

Do you remember when everyone seemed to be selling old stuff on eBay? They still do. Although, the shopping site has been overshadowed by bigger rivals the past few years.

But that’s no reason to forget about eBay. It’s still one of the largest shopping sites in the world.

Plus, the best part is, it’s FREE to post items for sale. And it’s easy to sell.

Here are eBay’s four steps: 1. Take a photo of your item and type in a description, 2. Choose either to sell it at a fixed price or put it up for auction, 3. Select a method for shipping the item to your customer, 4. Click on List It.

Handmade at Amazon

Do you know that you can sell items on Amazon? If not, it’s a huge platform with millions of users who may want to buy what you want to sell.

That includes handmade crafts, whether you make candles, clothing or several other types of items. There are some ground rules, though. Not everyone can post handmade items for sale.

To use Handmade at Amazon: Items must be at least partly made by hand, either by you or a small group of employees. It has to fit into one of about two dozen categories, from Art to Toys. If you meet those criteria, then you apply to sell at Handmade at Amazon. If Amazon accepts you, you’ll receive an invitation to set up an online store.

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