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Doing your taxes? This is the easiest way to scan all your invoices and receipts

Presented by Epson Receipt Scanners

Presented by Epson Receipt Scanners

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Managing your finances is all about organization. If you’ve got a pile of receipts staring at you, you’ll be thrilled to know our sponsor Epson has a way to make the process of scanning them all so much simpler: The Epson Rapid Receipt Scanner.

Sure, you could use a plain old scanner to do it, but who wants to scan documents one by one? Then you have to organize and file them manually. It’s a huge task if you go the old-fashioned route.

With the Rapid Receipt scanner, you can get it done so much faster — and better. Here’s how:

Scan virtually anything

Quickly scan stacks of various-sized paper receipts, invoices, business cards and even extra-long pages. You’ll capture both sides of the document automatically, too.

After your docs are scanned, it’s easy to share via email or upload to Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote and other cloud storage services.

Accurately capture data

Epson includes powerful scanning and document management software to accurately translate information on your documents to digital data without any subscription fees. The included ScanSmart™ Financial Edition Software lets you easily import your info into Concur, QuickBooks, TurboTax, Excel and more.

Create searchable PDFs you can edit

All Epson receipt scanners come bundled with Kofax Optical Character Recognition software to create searchable and editable PDFs automatically. That’s right. You’ll actually have a way to search all those receipts and invoices later. This is super handy. No extra software or monthly subscription fees are required, either.

What are you waiting for?

Don’t let another year go by wishing you had a better way to deal with documents. Pick up the Epson Rapid Receipt Scanner that’s right for you at Amazon, Best Buy, and

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