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7 clever sites that will save you a ton of money

It doesn’t matter if you’re a college student, a senior on a budget, or a successful business person doing very well. It never hurts to save some money here and there.

And if you’re a savvy shopper, you probably spend extra time scoping out the internet for deals. There are plenty of websites that offer most of what you’re looking for at discounted prices.

But with millions of sites out there, how do you know where to find the true gems?

Don’t worry, we’ve done the legwork for you.

Keep reading and we’ll tell you about 7 clever sites that will help save you tons of money.

Search mobile plans and internet service

If you want a powerful comparison tool to help find the right mobile plan, whistleOut boasts the ability to search 239,000 plan combinations. Start by selecting the number of lines you want, and then decide whether you want to buy new phones or keep the ones you have.

Once you have your phone and line information in, you can select what network you want to use, or have it show all the carriers. You can also select the carrier you’re currently using so it can factor in termination fees.

When you’re ready, hit the “Search Cell Plans” button to see results from practically every carrier in the country. You can sort or filter the list further.

For example, you can look only for no-contract options, deals for families, what kind of phone financing you need, if the site can swap in similar phones to find you a better deal and more. If you go into the advanced filter options, you can also set your target phone or plan prices and other options.

To make things easier, whistleOut also has preset searches such as iPhone X Plans, No Contract Plans, or instructions on how to find the best Family Plan using the search system. It also includes guides to help you make more advanced decisions or explain trickier terms or tactics you can use to save money. The site also features smartphone reviews and has a section dedicated to buying tablets.

There’s even a search function on whistleOut to help you find less-expensive internet service in your area. And now it will help you find the right TV package for your needs. Whether you want cable, satellite, or looking to cut the cord, whistleOut can help you find it.

Clean up and print articles for less

Have you ever tried to print out an article online? When you get to the Print Preview, it can look like a mess. The spacing is all wrong and there are globs of ads and unwanted links cluttering up the page. If all you want is a nice and clean copy, not the extra junk on top of it, we have a great solution and it saves you money to boot!

Printfriendly is an easy-to-use site that will generate your print preview and get rid of all that unsightly content. This means you get a clean copy, junk-free and easy to read. So the next time you need to print an article, try Print Friendly & PDF.

All you need to do is copy the URL of the article you want to print and paste it into the green box on the site. Then click “Print Preview.” What’s more, you can hover your cursor over the text on your preview and make it disappear with a click.

Rent designer clothing and apparel

How would you like to wear all the hottest fashion trends without paying exorbitant prices? With Rent the Runway, now you can!

The site lets you rent designer clothing and accessories for a fraction of what it costs to purchase the items. Plus, it has a couple membership plans that could help you save even more money if you know you’ll be a frequent renter. Start by choosing between the RTR Update plan and RTR Unlimited plan.

The Update plan costs $89 a month and you can rent four items per month from over 350 brands with one swap allowed. The Unlimited plan costs $159 a month and you can get four items at a time from over 475 brands with constant rotation. There’s no limit to the number of items per month, but you can only have four items at a time. Both memberships come with free 2-day shipping and discounts to purchase the rentals that you really like.

If you don’t want to sign up for a membership, you can still rent items at different prices, depending on what you choose. So if you have a wedding or big event coming up, this might be the way to go.

Government surplus auctions

GovDeals provides services to various government agencies that allow them to sell surplus and confiscated items via the internet. There are tons of items for you to bid on.

You’ll find automobiles, clothing, computers, medical equipment, office equipment, real estate and so much more. To start bidding, simply join the Liquidity Services Network by registering for a free account.

Once you’ve registered, you will have access to all of the marketplaces found on the site. You can even set up “Favorites” and receive notifications when items are newly posted, or closing soon. Get notified of items by location, category or seller.

Pre-owned luxury brands

Buying luxury brands all the time can lead to a pretty expensive lifestyle. But tons of people are doing it. That’s why the luxury business is an estimated $1.5 trillion dollar industry.

But there are sites out there where you can buy pre-owned luxury items at discounted prices. You’ll find clothing, shoes, bags and accessories from top-name designers like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Valentino and more.

Plus, if you already own some of these items and want to make extra cash, you can put them up for sale by consigning them.

Here are three sites that can help fill your luxurious needs: Luxury Garage Sale, The RealReal, and Grailed.

For the sneaker aficionados

Many of us were huge sneakers fans when were were kids. Heck, some of us still are.

But the market has seriously changed since the innocent time of our youth. Nowadays you might have to spend a few hundred dollars on that cool pair of kicks you’ve got your eye on. Plus, you really need to be careful when you’re buying sneakers online!

Believe it or not, counterfeit sneakers have become a huge market and lots of people have been getting ripped off by them.

But there’s one site that might be able to help connect you with your dream sneakers, save you a little dough

and give you the peace of mind knowing what you’re buying is real.

The site is called GOAT. And you know you’re getting the real deal because GOAT has an authentication service and buyer protection guarantee.

There are over 75,000 sneakers for sale on the site. Once you make a purchase, the seller must ship their sneakers to GOAT for verification first. Only after they are verified do they get shipped to you. If the shoes are found to be replicas or not in the condition as described, you will receive a full refund.

Plus, if you’re looking to save some money, you can find slightly used sneakers selling for less. Whether you’re looking to buy rare sneakers, discover new ones, or make money by listing some that you already own, GOAT can help.

Let this browser extension do the work for you

Most serious shoppers know that there are tons of online coupons and digital codes that are available to use. But there can be a couple annoying problems you might run into.

First, finding online coupons can be like searching for a needle in a haystack and can be very time consuming. Then, once you’ve found a digital code there’s a good chance it’s already expired or just doesn’t work. That might just be frustrating enough to stop looking for coupons altogether. Don’t give up.

Instead, there’s a free browser extension that will do all the work for you. It’s called Honey.

And it’s super easy to use. Here’s how it works:

  • Just install the extension to your browser, which takes only a couple seconds.
  • Shop like normal on your favorite websites. When you find something you’d like to buy, put it in your cart.
  • Once you go to checkout, the Honey extension automatically finds and applies the best coupons. It works on over 37,000 sites.

The Honey extension works on most major browsers now. It’s available for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera and Microsoft Edge.

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