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5 things to wait until Cyber Monday to buy

It’s hard to believe that the Holiday Season is officially upon us.

While many Americans are preparing for Thanksgiving festivities, retailers are preparing for one of America’s greatest shopping traditions – Black Friday. From electronics to accessories to clothing, Black Friday is often an excellent time to start checking off items from your Christmas list.

However, given the rise in online shopping and online retail powerhouses like Amazon, there may be a few things you want to wait until Cyber Monday to buy. Here is a list of items that you may want to buy from the comfort of your laptop:


While waiting outside your local strip mall in the November cold may be one of your favorite past times, if there is a jacket or pair of shoes you have your heart set on, why not forgo the chilly weather and instead treat yourself to some retail therapy via a great Cyber Monday sale? In recent years, large clothing stores have fallen into line, offering 30% to 50% off items sitewide.

Cyber Monday is great for clothing shoppers who prefer the large selection that online shopping offers and shoppers don’t have to worry about whether or not a particular item is on sale, because everything is on sale.

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Is traveling on your New Year’s Resolutions list? Well, you may want to wait until Cyber Monday to book that dream trip of yours. Hotels, airlines, and online travel companies have all started offering amazing Cyber Monday deals. You can often find one-way domestic flights for as low as $50 and resort stays, vacation packages, and hotel nights up to 50% off.

Travel sites like Expedia also release deals up to 90% off, however these are often in limited supply. If you are looking to book a trip on Cyber Monday you may want to be flexible with your travel dates and destination as your savings may not be as great if you’re only available to travel on certain days and to certain locations.

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Smart-home devices

Are you in need of a smart light? Or perhaps you have been eyeing a Google Home device all year long? Well, you may be able to score a great Cyber Monday deal on these items. The reason being is that Google and Amazon are locked in an intense home-invasion competition with their Google Home and Echo devices.

Both companies are competing on price and they are expecting retailers to compete with bundles, rolling in everything from smart lights to doorbells to alarm systems. Shoppers can also expect several buy-one-get-one discounts for buying two or more smart-home devices. Cyber Monday is very tech-heavy and rest assured that there will be plenty of amazing stand-alone sales on doorbells, alarms, thermostats, and smart lights.

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Anything found on online-only stores

Given the name, “Cyber Monday,” it is no secret that stores like Amazon, eBay, and Overstock will be offering incredible deals on a large assortment of items. So, if you are still debating whether to shop on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, have your laptop charged and ready to go on Monday morning as you never know what you may find on online retailers’ websites.

All things tech  

Are you in need of a new television? Or perhaps you have been pining for an Apple Watch? You may want to skip the lines and pushy shoppers and wait until Cyber Monday to buy that new smart TV or tablet.

While large tech companies like Apple tend to avoid dramatic price cuts, companies that sell tech gadgets-such as Best Buy and Target-often release great Cyber Monday discounts on items like Apple Watches and iPads.

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Regardless of whether or not you do your shopping on Friday or Monday, the holidays are a wonderful time to scour a great deal on electronics as many retailers understand that these items can be pricey for many shoppers and they reserve their big sales for the holiday shopping season.

Enjoy the most wonderful time of the year and happy shopping!

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