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Black Friday: 5 deals we know about so far

Savvy shoppers know that Black Friday is the day to save big on the technology we love. It’s time to get great deals on a new TV for the living room, new laptops for the kids, and hey, maybe Fluffy needs a tablet so she quits headbutting yours.

The best time to plan your Black Friday shopping is right now. Even if you’re not going to be throwing elbows down at Wal-Mart, you want to make sure there’s money set aside for big purchases.

Sure, it ruins the surprise a little, but who wants to be waiting in line for one thing then find out there’s something even better across town?

Deals are already beginning to leak out, even with Black Friday this far away. Here’s five big deals we already know about on electronics and other tech goodies for Black Friday.

Big TVs, little prices


Deals on TVs send shoppers rushing in from Best Buy to Target and this year is going to be no exception. Chuck that old, heavy TV grandma gave you out the door  — lift with the legs, not the back — and upgrade to something thinner, lighter, and 4K.

From sales and deals throughout the year, we can tell you that TVs from 40-55 inches should cost under $200 if you get there first with credit card in-hand. A 70-inch TV is likely going to be under $800 if you can stand in line or keep pressing that refresh key and catch a deal.

Save on smartphones

Black Friday used to be all about clearing out old inventory for the holiday season, but companies know shoppers will shell out the green if they give up the goods. Maybe you’re hungry for the latest iPhone or your Android took one too many dives off the desk.

In 2017, we saw Wal-Mart giving away $300 gift cards with the purchase of a new iPhone and the deals this year are going to be even better. Sprint will already get you an iPhone XS for $0 with a new contract (credit permitting, of course), so expect to see great savings on current generation phones in addition to older models.

Smarter shopping for smarter homes

Pressing a button to play music just feels so antique when you can say “Hey Alexa, play Despacito” and start dancing right away. Google, Amazon, and Apple are fighting it out in the smart speaker space and that means big savings on tiny speakers. Facebook also jumped in with its Portal smart gadget.

Will they join in the savings? We don’t know for sure, but they’d be foolish not to with a new gadget to launch.

Look for a range of prices depending on the device and how old it is. The little Echo Dot may go for under $30, while the top of the line Google Home Max is going to go for under $350.

Time for that tablet

Competition in the tablet space has never been more fierce. Between Apple, Amazon, Google, and a bevy of other manufacturers, you can get a decent tablet for pocket change. However, seasonal sales like Black Friday are when the name brands see deep discounts.

A basic Kindle is going to go for around $50, while the fancier Paperwhite is likely to be $80. For those craving the full-fledged tablet experience, the older Amazon Fire 7 tablet is still plenty powerful, and at $29.99, you can’t afford to not have one. The top of the line Fire 10 will be under $100.

Apple lovers should keep their eyes on the iPad. Apple’s notoriously stingy with discounts, but sometimes they put iPads on sale. Look for the Mini 4 for $249.99 and the iPad to be $219.
Craving an Apple alternative? The always-popular Galaxy Tab E is going to be $129.99, if you can snap it up in time.

Love cheap laptops


Chromebooks and Android-powered laptops are already pretty good deals, but on Black Friday, they’re going to be marked down to prices worth fighting for. Look for off-brand machines for under $100 and proper Chromebooks for under $150.

If your laptop life needs a little more power, Windows laptops with Intel processors and the usual array of goodies will start at $299, some even less to get people in the door.

One important note when getting ready for laptops and other flashy devices: Stores often don’t have many in stock. You’ll want to be there first or they’ll be snapped up before you get your hands on them. If you’re past your “waiting in line” days, check online. Not only do online sellers usually have more product in stock, you won’t have to throw down like it’s Hockey Night if things get tense in the aisles.

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