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5 amazing portable gadgets you need right now

Whether you’re retired, working, in school or at home with the kids, there’s always somewhere to be. Our lives constantly pull us in different directions; we’re juggling tasks and bouncing from place to place.

There’s nothing worse than lugging your tech around with you. Luckily, our gadgets are getting smaller and smaller, making it easier to carry them with us. Still, you don’t want to clutter your bag with devices that take up space and don’t pack that much punch.

We’ve all bought gadgets before that wind up collecting dust on the shelves. That’s why we’ve rounded up five tech products that are actually worth buying. These devices don’t take up much space, but will help you stay charged up, find lost items and so much more!

1. The ultimate 4 device car cup charger

Fighting for a turn to charge your smartphone or tablet is never fun. But, when you’re taking a road trip, you don’t necessarily have space to haul everyone’s individual chargers. Here’s something you can use instead.

The Ultimate 4 Device Car Cup Charger from the Komando Shop fits in your car’s cup holder, and lets you charge up to four devices at once. Store it in your glove compartment or center console, then pull it out whenever it’s needed. The charger plugs into your car’s DC socket and can provide a 12V output.

Buy the Ultimate 4 Device Car Cup Charger for just $25 in the Komando Shop.

2. CUBE Key Finder

Losing your keys can ruin your whole day. It can make you late for work, or even leave you locked out of your own home. Rather than scramble around searching for your keys, try this handy gadget.

The CUBE Key Finder can help you find your lost keys fast. It uses Bluetooth and an app to connect with your phone and tells you if you’re near or far. You can also press “find” and the CUBE will start ringing. And, if you don’t want to lose your keys in the first place, use the CUBE’s separation alarm to receive alerts if you’ve left something behind.

Not only does the CUBE help you find lost keys, it comes in handy if you’ve lost your cellphone too. The CUBE can help you locate your phone by making it ring, vibrate, or even turning on the flash for your phone’s camera.

Typically, the CUBE is priced around $60 on Amazon – but right now, you can grab one for just $19 when you click here.

3. Omaker W4N Portable Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Making some DIY speakers is just one tip we’ve shared with you previously. You can use an empty cylinder, such as a cardboard tube, or even a plastic cup. (Click here to see how simple it is to make a speaker using household items.)

But, as thrifty as this DIY option is, it may not be the most practical for when you’re out in public. Try the W4N Portable Mini Bluetooth Speaker instead. It clips to your bag or keychain and is even small enough to fit in the pocket of your purse.

You might think that a speaker this size won’t produce very good sound, but we promise you’re going to be surprised. The W4N has a range of 33 feet and will stay powered up for around 12 hours of playtime.

Usually, this speaker sells for around $70, but you can click here to buy it for just $16 right now on Amazon.

4. Cube from RIF6

We’ve already shared one cube with you, but here’s another you’re going to love. Have you ever tried watching a movie on the tiny screen on your smartphone? It’s not fun!

With the Cube projector from RIF6, you can display images and video up on the wall. This powerful, 2-inch gadget creates an image that’s as wide as 120 inches and as bright/clear as 50 lumens. This means you can turn any place into your own private movie theater.

Get the RIF6 Cube Pico Video Projector for $250 on Amazon.

5. Wireless Call Alert

Have you ever kept your phone on silent, then constantly worried about missing a call? With the Wireless Call Alert device, you won’t have to stress about it.

This helpful gadget notifies you visually using a flashing LED light. Just attach it to the strap of your purse or backpack, and keep your phone stashed away without a second thought.

Click here to buy the Wireless Call Alert from the Komando Shop for only $30!

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