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3 things you’re almost guaranteed better deals online

Every penny counts, at least that’s the motto I live by! So when I find out that I’ve overpaid for a big purchase, I see red. That’s why I’m always on the lookout for savings.

There are some things you need to see, or smell, in person before you buy, like cars, clothes and perfumes. But then there are other items where it actually pays to purchase them online.

Thousands of online retailers offer major discounts for customers who shop online because it’s less overhead for them. It only makes sense to take advantage of these savings. Right?

There are three categories of items in particular that offer huge savings when you buy them online. You can save hundreds of dollars and have the items shipped directly to your house. No more fussing around in a store, searching endlessly for the best deal.

Let’s get started on what items you should definitely buy online and where the best places are to find them!

1. Electronics

It’s time to buy that new flat screen you’ve been saving for but you don’t know what store carries which brand and for what price. That’s when you turn to the web.

Online retailers like Best Buy and Walmart offer price-match guarantees, which means you get the lowest price no matter what. And when you shop for electronics online, it’s easy to find the lowest price around in seconds.

You can even take the deals you find on the internet and get them matched in-store. A good place to start your search is on the Google Shopping page, which you’ll find at

Just type in the item you’re looking for in the search bar or pick from one of the items listed on the Shopping homepage. Once you click on or search for an item, you will be taken to a comparison page that shows all the online offers for that specific item.

Google Shopping

Organize the results from least expensive to most expensive, or even by the seller’s satisfaction rating from previous customers. Google backs up some of the items listed on the Shopping page so you can rest assured you won’t be scammed by any sneaky cyberthief when you purchase your item through that seller.

These products are marked with the Trusted Store icon as seen underlined in red below.

Microsoft Xbox One with Kinect 500 GB

2. Pet supplies

No matter if you have an iguana or a Saint Bernard, you know that buying pet supplies can be expensive.

Luckily there are a ton of online resources that can help you cut costs on pet supplies. Major pet supply chains have also moved to the online market so you can find your favorite pet gear for a much cheaper price.

The most recognizable and comprehensive online retailer is Petco.

Once you reach the Petco site, you can find great deals, coupons and supplies for almost every type of pet as well as match any retailer pricing you see with Petco’s own price match guarantee. Petco even has a scheduled pet food delivery program that will help you save up to 15 percent on your order.

Another great site that carries organic and healthy options is Normally organic pet supplies cost a pretty penny, but Only Natural Pet has good discounts and markdowns on natural products for your beloved cat or dog.

Buying health supplies and medication for your furry or scaly family member is also much cheaper online. Sites like and can help you find the medication your animal needs. Vaccinations, medication and supplements are scaled down by almost 50 percent when you find them through online pet supply retailers.

3. Theme park tickets

You have your sunblock, water bottles, family meet-up plan and fanny pack. The only thing missing for your adventure to the theme park are the tickets.

Once you get to an amusement park, the last thing you want to do is wait around in the admissions lines. Not only does it take forever but it also can be much more expensive than if you bought the tickets online.

Sites for theme and amusement parks often lower ticket prices online to lure buyers into purchasing extra features. But if you can stay away from the tempting dinner with Mickey Mouse or lunch with the dolphins, then you can really start to rack up your savings.

Tickets for parks like Disney, SeaWorld, Universal and Orlando Studios and many others are featured on sites like Undercover Tourist. This site brings you great deals for theme parks and ships the tickets straight to your door. The site even tells you what day to plan your outing with Crowd Calendars.

Orlando Crowd Calendar When to visit Orlando Undercover Tourist

This Crowd Calendar function tells you what days and at what times certain parks are most busy. Plan the perfect theme park trip with this tool and avoid spending the whole day in long, obnoxious lines.

You can also try the Activities page on well-known travel site Expedia for discounted theme park tickets and packages. In addition to theme and amusement parks, Expedia also shows you fun activities to do in whatever city you’re traveling to.

If you still can’t find the tickets you’re looking for, check sites like The Official Ticket Center, Ticket Mania and World Ticket Source. They work with the major parks to bring you the tickets you need at a price you won’t mind paying.

For more information, check out the video below.

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