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Top things you need to know about Amazon’s same-day delivery

If you’ve ever ordered a book, bed sheets or electronics from Amazon, you know how exciting it is to come home to find an Amazon box waiting at your door. It’s like your own private Christmas, any day of the year.

We’ve told you how Amazon is working hard to make sure your deliveries, everything from groceries to a home theater system, arrive at your door faster than ever. That includes free, two-day shipping for Amazon Prime members, but Amazon isn’t stopping there.

It’s working on next-generation deliveries, like Amazon drones that fly your package directly to you, and one- to two-hour deliveries, which it’s testing in a few cities for certain products. But the Amazon delivery that you can enjoy right now is same-day delivery.

Amazon’s same-day delivery is as incredible as it sounds. Place your order by 12 p.m., and Amazon will get it to you by 9 p.m. It even delivers seven days a week.

Still, there are a few extras and catches you need to know about Amazon same-day delivery before you tap your Amazon app. Here are three of them.

1. Same-day delivery is FREE … sometimes

To fully enjoy same-day delivery, it helps to be an Amazon Prime member. For $99 a year, you and another adult in your house get a bunch of perks like free two-day deliveries, free music, free Kindle books, and its Netflix-style streaming service, Prime Instant Video. Learn more about Prime perks you didn’t know you have.

Another perk is free same-day delivery on orders of $35 or more, and on products Amazon clearly marks with “FREE Same-Day.” You can set a filter, too, so you see only items available for free same-day delivery. So, no surprise gotchas at checkout!

Even if your order is less than $35, or you’re not a Prime member, you can order Amazon’s same-day delivery, but you’ll pay. For Prime members on orders less than $35, same-day is $5.99 per order; for non-Prime members, same-day delivery charges are $8.99 per delivery, plus $0.99 per item.

Still, that’s not any more than you’d pay for express shipping from any other company. If you need something right away, it could be worth it.

2. Same-day delivery is available in many metros

Here’s some really good news. Amazon’s same-day delivery is available for about one out of every four people, which is good news if you’re one of those people.

Amazon same-day is up and running in many large metropolitan areas including:

Dallas and Fort Worth
Las Vegas
Los Angeles and Orange County
Manhattan and Brooklyn
Minneapolis and St. Paul
San Antonio
San Diego
San Francisco Bay Area
Seattle and Eastside
Virginia Beach
Washington, DC Metro

And just to be clear, Amazon has a loose definition of “metro areas.” In fact, those metro areas cover 500 cities and towns. For example, the San Francisco metro area includes most of the Bay Area, including Oakland and San Jose. So, if you’re anywhere near one of the cities listed above, you should check to see if you’re covered.

Even better, Amazon’s expansion is making competitors fight back, such as Macy’s, which now offers same-day delivery in 17 markets. Google and Walmart are also planning to launch free, same-day delivery soon.

If Amazon’s same-delivery isn’t available by you, and you want it, keep up with the latest news at We’ll let you know when Amazon adds more same-day metropolitan areas, along with all the other tech news you need to know.

3. Same-day is for everyday items

Amazon used to be best known as an online bookstore. Can you imagine a book that’s so hot you have to read it today? Those come along once in a lifetime. Plus, if you want a book right away these days you can download the electronic version.

With Amazon’s free, same-day delivery, the online retailer is primarily gearing the service toward people who need everyday supplies. In fact, only 1 million out of its 20 million products are available for same-day delivery, although that’s still a lot.

Those everyday items include things you might pick up on the way home from work, like baby wipes, batteries, deodorant or sunscreen. But, why bother doing that when Amazon will do it for you? It also has things that are more far afield such as cake toppers and battery chargers.

Does same-day delivery sound like something you’ll use, or just a gimmick? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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