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10 apps and gadgets for your European adventure

So you’re going to Europe, how exciting! Whether you plan to spend two weeks backpacking or a month soaking in the rich history, it would be great if you had a helping hand to enhance your experience.

That’s why our sponsor, SimpliSafe, wanted you to know about these 10 apps and gadgets that will help spice up your trip.

Need help understanding the local currency? Check. Want a high-quality camera that won’t get in your way? Check.

Take advantage of these apps and gadgets and you’ll be operating like a local in no time.


1. XE Currency

XE Currency is a must-have app anytime you are traveling to another country. It provides live exchange rates and allows you to calculate currencies.

Don’t get stuck spending more money than intended because you didn’t know the exchange rate. This free app is available for Apple, Android, Blackberry, and Firefox OS.

2. Google Translate

Many languages are spoken in Europe, and unless you know them all, it would be wise for you to download Google Translate. This free app can translate up to 90 languages by either typing, taking a picture, or speaking into the phone. It even has two-way automatic speech translation, compatible with 40 languages.

Is there a common phrase that you can’t remember how to say in French? No worries. You can even save certain translations for easy access.

Google Translate is available for both Apple and Android users.

3. Musement

Your one stop shop for entertainment! Musement, another free app, is a digital multi-platform booking service that allows you to find and book activities, guided tours, museum visits, city passes, and more.

It also includes a city guide that provides local expert recommendations for what to do. With all the museums and galleries in Europe, this app will quickly become your best friend.

Musement is available for both Apple and Android users.

4. Field Trip

The ultimate app for any travel experience. Field Trip, powered by Google, runs in the background of your phone and alerts you when you approach something interesting. Then as you’re approaching a certain area it educates you on why it is interesting.

The free app provides information on everything from local history to the latest places to eat, shop, and have fun. It partners with trendsetting publications like Thrillist, Food Network, Cool Hunt, and Song Kick to give you the best recommendations possible.

Field Trip is available for both Apple and Android users.

5. Rome2Rio

Rome2Rio is an incredibly useful free app if you plan on traveling while you’re in Europe. It offers multi-modal travel search engines for all kinds of travel including air, train, coach, ferry, mass transit and driving.

Simply plug in your destinations (for instance from London to Wales), choose your preferred mode of transportation and let the app do the work for you! Unfortunately, the only thing this app won’t do is pay for your ticket.

Rome2Rio is available for both Apple and Android users.


6. Canon Powershot ELPH 360 HS Bundel

The trademark of a true tourist is walking around with a big fancy camera around your neck. But if you’re looking for a great camera that isn’t so bulky, the Canon Powershot ELPH 360 HS is the perfect option. The slim design allows you to easily slip the camera in your bag or pocket.

Don’t let the tiny size fool you, the 1080p HD video quality paired with 12x optical zoom and 20.2 megapixel CMOS sensors make for excellent pictures that you can instantly share thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi feature. Even better, this bundle comes with a 32GB SDHC, flexible tripod, tabletop tripod, AC/DC travel charger, extra battery, and protective camera case so you’ll be fully prepared for your next adventure. (Amazon, $250)

7. Pocket Blanket

Whether you’re sampling different cheeses on a picnic or taking a nap on the train to your next destination, you don’t want to be without the surprisingly useful Pocket Blanket.

This full-sized lawn blanket fits neatly in your pocket or backpack and provides comfort wherever you are. You won’t waste time looking for a picnic table in the park if you have your Pocket Blanket on hand! (Komando Shop, $29.99)

8. Crave Travel Pro

You have too much to do on your European vacation to stop and charge your phone. Luckily, with the Crave Travel Pro Ultra-High Density Power Bank you won’t have to. This power bank is only the size of your palm but can fully charge your phone up to four times.

Not to mention, it charges at 1300mah, so it gets your battery full as quickly and efficiently as possible. Because of the USB port, this power bank is compatible with a variety of gadgets. (Amazon, $23)

Note: The Crave Travel Pro is a basic tablet and smartphone charger, however, if you want an all-in-one travel kit that does even more, check out the amazing Komando Tech Travel Kit. (Komando Shop, $84.99)

9. Massaging Lumbar Cushion

When you’re traveling long distances, give your back a break with this vibrating, massaging lumbar cushion. The six acupressure nodes stimulate, release muscular tension and promote circulation of blood. It conforms to your body and can be used on your shoulders, back or legs.

No matter where you’re traveling, once you experience the comfort this massaging cushion provides you’ll never leave home without it. (Komando Shop, $22.99)

10. Hussar Magicbuds Wireless Headphones

The perfect companion to the app Field Trip (mentioned earlier), Hussar Magicbuds Wireless Headphones will allow you to listen to all of the interesting facts the app has to share without having to stop and read your screen. Because they are wireless you won’t have an annoying cord in your way.

The Ergonomic design and silicone ear hooks ensure that these headphones are comfortable and won’t fall out of your ears. They even have a noise reduction component so you can enjoy superior sound without distraction. (Amazon, $30)

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