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Top 5 free coupon sites that’ll save you big money

Everyone loves to save money. Whether it’s through clipping coupons from the Sunday paper or hunting for bargains, no one can resist getting a great deal on everyday purchases. Today, it’s easier than ever to knock a few bucks off of pretty much everything we buy, thanks to the onset of coupon codes. That’s right — you don’t have to stick to paper coupons to be frugal, as long as the myriad of coupon codes out there continue to flow like water on the internet.

There are a few online destinations positively overflowing with codes, each a veritable treasure trove of money-saving miracles. If you’re looking to examine your finances even closer and want some simple ways to knock some cash off of the things you buy on a regular basis, check out some of the top sites for coupon codes online. Then bookmark them so you never have to pay full price on your favorite items ever again!


The likelihood that you’ve heard of RetailMeNot is high, especially since it’s the largest online destination for coupon codes. Boasting discounts for over 20,000 online stores and retail centers, there’s some money-saving magic on this site for absolutely anyone. Coupons for restaurants, clothing stores, magazines, hotels, and even vehicle services like Uber can be found at this coupon emporium, and it’s all absolutely free.

It’s been slowly growing for quite some time, and adding more coupon codes with each day that passes. There’s a voting system that allows people to mark which coupons have been used successfully, so you can sort the valid from the expired, and a helpful one-click copy and paste system that makes shopping with the menagerie of codes offered here a breeze. Make sure this is your first destination when you’re looking to save some cash.

While nowhere near as expansive as destinations like RetailMeNot, still has its own impressive stores of everyday deals on various buys. From electronics retailers to clothing stores, you can find a wide selection of coupons here from over 9,000 different merchants, with promo codes and bargains vetted by real human staff members to save you time as well as money. The site also has an impressive and slick interface as well as a decent mobile app to make shopping even simpler.

Sometimes, even if we get a great price on the item we’re looking to buy, shipping can cause the order’s price to skyrocket. That’s where FreeShipping comes in. This genius site offers free shipping codes for over 850 different retailers, including some with an additional percentage off your purchase. This is an important stop to make if you aren’t able to find some sort of discount code for your purchase in general, as you could still get some money off your order by way of shipping. It’s always worth checking, after all.


You can find a comprehensive selection of discount codes here, no matter what you’re looking for. SlickDeals doesn’t only offer coupon codes, however. There’s an entire community of penny-pinchers here looking for a great deal in the forums, in addition to an enormous cache of codes on the main pages.

If there’s a sale going on, or some sort of money-saving event, chances are SlickDeals knows about it, and already has everything you need to know clearly written out for you to pore over. You can commiserate with fellow bargain hunters here, all while seeking the best deals the internet has to offer, all in one place. It’s an especially useful place for looking for massive deals on important shopping days, too, such as on Black Friday or near the holidays.

Coupon Cabin

If you hit up the usual coupon code suspects online looking for a certain destination but come up empty-handed, try out the Coupon Cabin as well. It’s a substantial collection of codes selected from over 2,000 online merchants. You can also choose from an extensive archive of rotating, curated sales that get aggregated and featured on the site. You can choose coupons in a convenient manner in this way, and you may even discover money-saving deals you didn’t know about before in this way. Make sure you keep it in your collection of favorite coupon code destinations.

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