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Secret eBay selling trick to help you earn top dollar

Selling things on eBay can be a great source of extra income. But it can also be hard to get the ball rolling. You pick something to sell, take a bunch of pictures, list all the details, and hope for the best.But after all that effort, not too many people were very interested. You only received a handful of bids so now it feels like you’ve wasted your time. What’s the secret to success on eBay?For starters, it helps if you know what to sell. ProductGenie is a research tool that shows you what’s popular on eBay. With this insight, you’ll have a much better idea of what items will make money.ProductGenie works like a search engine that scours through all the eBay selling categories. The search results can show you:
  • Most Recent Sales –  The 7,000 most recent products sold. For each item, you’ll see the price, quantity sold, and listing type (auction or fixed price).
  • Top Brands – The 7,000 most recent products sold, separated by brand.
  • Fastest Selling – Compares “listed date” with “sold date” to calculate the products that move the quickest. For each item, you’ll see the price and listing type (auction or fixed price).
Let’s say you want to know how well a Coach purse will sell. You can use ProductGenie to search the category, price range or condition in which the bag fits. The results will tell you whether or not the purse is in high demand.ProductGenie does cost money but there is a free three-day trial period. After the trial ends, this valuable service is $4 a month but you can cancel at any time. Click the blue button below to try it for yourself!

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