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Save big on surplus and confiscated items

Have you ever wondered where confiscated items from airport security end up? On average, the TSA seizes an estimated 750,000 items a year. That’s a lot of stuff with nowhere to go.When people voluntarily surrender certain belongings such as knives or sports equipment, they become available on It’s an online auction site that gathers confiscated or surplus items from government agencies.You will be amazed at some of the things up for bid. When I checked, there were several old police cars in working condition, a collection of lost Bluetooth headsets, an old hockey arena scoreboard and even traffic lights!Not in the market for anything like that? There are plenty of practical items listed on the site too, from working automobiles to generators to motor homes and RVs.Or, if you’re looking for a particular item, enter your keyword into the search bar. They even have a YouTube channel that posts videos of inventory!
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