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Money tip: Your health insurance company doesn’t want you to know about this site

Presented by GoodRx

Presented by GoodRx

Go to and start saving up to 80% on your prescriptions today!

How much are you paying for prescriptions? In 2020 alone, Americans poured more money into their prescribed drugs than any other country in the world. We paid $358 billion in total.

These sky-high figures are largely due to high medication prices, but these high costs are far from inevitable. In fact, the final amount on your receipt can change depending on which store you go to. You have to take price variation into account.

This means a prescription refill can cost $100 in one store and just $10 in another. When you use our sponsor GoodRx, you can save a ton of money in the long run. Here’s how it works.

You don’t even need insurance to use it

All you have to do is enter your ZIP code and look up the medication you need. GoodRx will generate a list of pharmacies you can visit to find the best prescription prices. You can save up to 80% on essential drugs.

For example, one pharmacy Kim visited said she needed to pay $175 for rash cream. “Surely there’s another way?” she asked the pharmacist.

He searched through GoodRx and found a discount for $35. If she hadn’t asked for help, she would have paid the full price. So don’t be afraid to help yourself — check out GoodRx and see how much you can save.

Getting the care you need to stay healthy shouldn’t be hard

It shouldn’t be expensive, either. Everyone should be able to afford their medications. That’s why you should check out GoodRx.

Best of all, there’s no data collection involved whatsoever. You don’t need an account, so there are no login credentials to remember. It’s just a great alternative to find the best prices for your health. (Plus, there are no strings attached. If Kim uses it, you know it’s trustworthy!)

This site lets you instantly compare prices for your prescription at every pharmacy near you. It’s free, easy to use and often gives you better savings than the ones you’d get by your insurance copay or Medicare. Go to and start saving up to 80% on your prescriptions today!

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