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U.S. Constitution

Explore the United States’ founding documents

Today is a fun day for us all. We’ll kick back with friends and families at barbeques. Then, we’ll head out to watch the fireworks tonight.But be sure to remember the importance of the holiday. On July 4, 1776, the Second Continental Congress approved the Declaration of Independence.The American Revolution was already underway. However, the Declaration officially declared America’s independence.There is, perhaps, one document more important to America’s history than the Declaration. Of course, that would be the Constitution.The Constitution lays out the supreme law of the United States. It details our freedoms.The Constitution is difficult for children to understand. Today’s Cool Sites will help them grasp it.The National Constitution Center features an interactive copy of the Constitution. You can easily search the Constitution. Explanations of each article and amendment put the Constitution into perspective.But maybe you’d like a copy of the Constitution that is easier to use and print. In that case, head over to In addition to the Constitution, you’ll find other important documents.National Constitution Center –constitutioncenter.orgPrintable Constitution – App background

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