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Editor’s Pick: A better way to shop

When I’m on the hunt for the perfect gift, finding that initial “spark” of inspiration is often the hardest part. Not only am I thinking of what the recipient already has, I’m also considering what they’d actually like.Over the holidays, I found a secret that made finding unique gifts easy. Rather than spending hours and hours pawing through thousands of items, I used a site called Canopy that brought the best of Amazon into one location.Canopy is unique because it uses a community of people to curate unique collections of products. All of the products are from, but you won’t be bombarded with Amazon’s own marketing.For example, when you shop directly on, you’ll see plenty of Amazon’s flagship products up front and center. Products such as the Amazon Echo, Amazon Fire and Kindle Paperwhite (see screenshot).screen-shot-2017-01-18-at-3-15-27-pmAs much as I love Amazon, I’m usually hunting for other products and gifts. That’s why I enjoy Canopy, and I think you will too. See the difference?screen-shot-2017-01-18-at-3-20-12-pmEach product you find on Canopy is sold through Amazon. It’s just been hand-picked by others as one of Amazon’s best.There are basically two different ways to use Canopy. The first is to browse through the curated collections for ideas while you’re shopping for others. The second is to create a profile with Canopy and browse through collections that have been curated based on your interests.When you sign up, you’ll first be asked to select the types of things you’re interested in.screen-shot-2017-01-18-at-3-27-15-pmNext, you’ll be shown some suggestions of community members to follow who have similar taste.screen-shot-2017-01-18-at-3-30-19-pmAfter that, you’ll see product recommendations that align with your personal style.screen-shot-2017-01-18-at-3-31-43-pmWhen you see something you like, you can click on it and make your purchase, or click “Collect” to curate your own collections.screen-shot-2017-01-18-at-3-37-16-pmIf you’d rather shop on your smartphone or tablet, Canopy also has apps for both Apple and Android. These apps are free, you can just log in, create collections and shop on the go.To try Canopy out, just click on the blue button below to get started.

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