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Find great deals at this auction site

If you have a taste for vintage, are on a budget, or just really like that one song, you know thrift shopping is an awesome way to save money and score great finds you won’t get anywhere else.

But whether you’re a hobbyist or trying to stretch your shopping dollar, you know getting to the thrift shop can be a big hassle. Sometimes they’re only open certain hours. They may be in out of the way or not-nice places. And there’s no guarantee you’ll find anything good.

There’s a way to enjoy that thrill of the hunt without trying on clothes in the aisles or digging through piles of old underwear: Thrift shop online. Combine all the fun of hunting for vintage treasures at the thrift shop with the excitement of online auctions, and do it all without leaving your house.

Goodwill is one of the country’s premier nonprofits. ShopGoodwill is its auction site where bargain hunters, picky pickers and treasure hunters can find all the good stuff without all the hassle.

Shop every Goodwill

Online auctions can be great, but finding a trustworthy seller always seems like a drag. Items on ShopGoodwill come from a trustworthy source: Local Goodwill stores all around the country. Not only do you not have to worry about scammers and tricks, you’re also helping a community in need.

Shopping online works just like buying from a Goodwill store. The money you spend goes to help out with training programs and support services in that store’s local area. You also don’t have to worry about what kind of payments they take or what hours they’re open.

Why shop one Goodwill when you could shop all of them?

How to browse and bid

You don’t even need to sign up to look at everything on the ShopGoodwill site. If you just want to see what’s hot, check out the Hot 50 items at the top of the page. Last Chance will show you what cool stuff is about to go, so make sure you’ve got a card ready and know what you want to spend. There’s also links for one-cent shipping, new items and even Buy It Now items, so you can skip the whole bidding process and get that barely-used computer (but that’s not any fun, is it?).

Now, true thrifties know that half the fun is digging through stuff, and that’s where ShopGoodwill really shines. You can look at Gallery Auctions for pretty shiny things like jewelry, designer bags and breathtaking art. Some items are even sold as a lot. Who needs 32 pounds of selected earrings? Who DOESN’T?!

For those of you that really want to get up to your elbows in thrift goodness, ShopGoodwill features categories like Antiques and Art, Musical Instruments, and Computers and Electronics. There’s also Bulk, which showcases the giant lots of earrings, jewelry, computer games, and whatever the stores have in stock.

You will need to sign up to bid, but that’s as simple as hitting Create Account in the top right and filling out some personal information. Before buying, check the listing and shipping information carefully, just to make sure you know what you’re paying for shipping. However, this also has an upside: If you buy from a local store, most stores will let you pick up your auction goodies without worrying about shipping.

Best of all, since the auctions are determined by what each store has in stock or what’s been donated, you never know what you’re going to find. Make sure to keep an eye out for the vintage goodies, classic toys, or antique furniture of your dreams!

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