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Looking for cheap car rentals? This site may help

If you’ve got a trip planned in the near future and you need to rent a car, we found a website that might make renting a car slightly easier, and it may save you a few bucks.

This site finds deals, coupons and other discounts at the biggest car rental companies to save you a bit of cash. is a new, easy tool for consumers to find low rates on rental vehicles.

Similar to other rental sites, AutoSlash is free to use. However, AutoSlash will compare prices across other rental sites rather than just vehicles that are in stock.

However, there’s a small catch.

Once you receive your free rates from AutoSlash, it gives you the option to book directly through the website which would save you an additional few dollars on the two most expensive options.

The amount you save with AutoSlash isn’t drastic, but the technology used to compare prices makes the website stress free and will save you some time.

How AutoSlash works:

1.     Enter the airport you will be arriving to

2.     Let AutoSlash know if you will be returning the vehicle at a different location

3.     Select your pickup date/time and dropoff date/time

4.     Select your vehicle type from the options provided

5.     Provide any associations, credit cards, frequent flyer programs or renters programs you are associate with

After you’ve completed the process, let AutoSlash know the best email address to send your rental information to.

The process of getting your free quote takes, on average, 15 minutes and saves customers an average of 30%.

Is AutoSlash better than car rental websites?

Unlike other rental services such as Enterprise or Alamo, AutoSlash will assist in finding low prices on vehicles across the industry. Most rental services will only present you with rates on vehicles their own.

While this is an advantage to AutoSlash, the 15 minute average wait time is a small downside. Rental services that show rates for their own vehicles will show the total prices immediately.

However, these other rental services will quote you the “rack rates” or undiscounted rates. With AutoSlash, you will only receive the best deal you qualify for with the option of saving additional money while booking through the website. Additionally, AutoSlash’s main page isn’t polluted with unnecessary ads and links.

Whether or not AutoSlash is better than a car rental website is for you to decide, but AutoSlash has received outstanding reviews.

Via the web service’s Facebook page, they have a 4.9 out of 5.0 rating based on 542 ratings. A vast number of reviews detail how AutoSlash took minutes to finish its low-price search compared to the hours it took consumers to attempt on their own.

There are many similarities and differences between AutoSlash and traditional rental sites. However, with the possibility to save, AutoSlash is definitely worth trying.

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