10 Commandments


Thou shalt give top priority to those who are with you

Don't glue your eyes to your phone or tablet when you're with friends or family. That sends the message that something else is more important than them. Focus on what they're saying and keep the gadgets stashed away.

Thou shalt not be distracted

It goes without saying that you shouldn't take calls or text while driving. Well, you also shouldn't text while crossing the street or in busy public spaces.  You don't want to end up like this texting walker who fell into a canal!

Thou shalt not shout on the sidewalk

Sometimes, you'll have to take a call while you're on the street. When you do, keep your voice down. If you have to shout above traffic or other background noises, call back later.

Thou shalt not make private matters public

Don't discuss private matters in public settings. The people around you don't want to know about your medical conditions or relationship problems.

Additionally, don't text anything that is private, confidential or embarrassing. Remember that messages can be - and often are - accidentally forwarded to hundreds of people.

Do unto others as briefly as possible

Those around you don't want or need to hear about your personal life. Only make or take a call in public if it's vital. When you absolutely have to talk, keep the call as short as you can.

Thou shalt learn how to turn thy gadget completely off

Before you do anything else with a new gadget, learn how to turn it off completely. Then, turn it off when you're in quiet, intimate settings. Churches, libraries, restaurants, movies, concerts, work and meetings all apply.

Thou shalt use thy headphones correctly

Get a pair of snug-fitting headphones to prevent sound from leaking out. If your gadget didn't come with any,  you can pick some up in my store.  Wear them when you're playing games or watching a video. Of course, it's basic manners to take them out if someone is trying to talk to you.

Thou shalt not cause light pollution

Shining a bright light in a dark room is a big distraction. When you're in public, turn your screen brightness down as a courtesy. If you're in a movie theater, don't use your phone at all. Trust me; everyone behind you can see it.

Thou shalt share only with permission

Sending pictures when you're traveling is a good way to share with friends and family. However, never take a photo of a stranger without permission. In fact, you shouldn't share photos of anyone without their permission.

Thou shalt exercise good taste

What you do in private with your gadget is your own business. When you're in public, keep things G-rated. Don't browse racy videos, photos or sites on your phone or tablet. You never know who is watching over your shoulder.