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As a Kim's Club subscriber you can now automatically receive The Kim Komando Show and The Kim Komando Digital Minute via podcast.

Podcasts are just recordings of the show you can get off the web to listen to any time.

The shows come are delivered to you in the MP3 file format, and can be played on just about any computer, iPod, tablet or smartphone.

You can decide whether to get the shows automatically or manually as they become available. Click here to go the Listen Now page and download the latest Show and Digital Minute.

If you're new to podcasts, complete directions are below.

The instructions below apply to computers running Windows 2000 and XP or later, including Vista and Windows 7 and 8, or Mac’s OS X and later. If you own an earlier system, download the files manually or access the past shows via your Web browser.

Older podcasts can be accessed via the RSS feed. Once you set up the feed, the listing of all shows available for download will be displayed. The quickest way to see the listing is to use your Web browser.

The easiest way to manage podcasts on your computer is by using iTunes or Google Reader. Links to the instructions for each of these methods are below.

For additional help, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Setting up your Podcast feed reader

In order to receive Kim's podcasts, you must have a Podcast Feed Reader. This is a program that automatically checks for new Podcasts and downloads them to your computer whenever they're available. There are many such programs. Kim recommends iTunes for maximum functionality (it's free, and you do not need an iPod). Google Reader is another recommended (and free) option.

If your computer doesn't already have iTunes, follow the corresponding instructions below to download and install one or the other of these free programs.


iTunes Instructions

Manually download files using an Internet browser

You can access the available list of Kim's Shows or Digital Minutes by entering the corresponding URL into your browser's address window.

You will be prompted to enter your username and password prior to downloading the file.

Show URL:

Digital Minute URL:

Download to a portable music player (Optional)

If you like, you can download the podcast to your iPod or other music player. This is optional. Despite the word podcast, you don't need an iPod to listen to these files.

iTunes stores the podcast files in folders on your hard drive. If you have an iPod, download with iTunes. Otherwise, use the software that came with your music player. If using Google Reader, manually save the files as directed in step 3 above and use your device's software to transfer the files.

Need more help?

Check out Kim's Podcast FAQ, and find answers (and ask questions) in the Kim's Podcasts section on Kim's Forum!

You can also send a message to Kim, but due to the volume of e-mail received personal replies to every message aren't possible, sorry!


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