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You’ll laugh as billionaire Bill Gates guesses the prices of basic household items

We all know Bill Gates has money. A lot of it! His net worth stands at about $91.5 billion, which is probably a little more than you and I have combined, and all of our friends and family, and neighbors, yeah, we’re not even close.

The Microsoft founder is actually the second-wealthiest person in the world, trailing Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who is worth $121.8 billion. We’re thinking neither of them are stopping at Walmart or Target on the way home.

Most likely someone else is doing the bulk of their shopping for them. That kind of money can buy you many things — actually, it can buy you anything. But just because one can buy whatever they want does not mean they actually have to.

Life is different when you have all of the money

Do you really expect people like Gates and Bezos to stroll through the aisles at the grocery store? Probably not, so can they really be expected to know how much things cost?

Think about it: Do you know how much you’ll pay for a box of Rice A Roni? How about Tide Pods or Totinos Pizza Rolls? Chances are you at least have a rough idea of how much they’ll set you back. Gates, on the other hand, understandably struggled when tasked with guessing prices on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

We guess that’s what happens when prices don’t matter all that much, but regardless, let’s give Gates credit for being a good sport and poking fun at himself.

Maybe next time they should test him on items at Best Buy. He’d probably do much better at pricing routers, computers and electronics. Maybe?

When you have that kind of money, you can buy some really cool stuff

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