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Woman’s burial plot includes 5-foot iPhone

There’s nothing more sad than parents having to bury a child. It’s always heartbreaking whenever we hear stories like this.

One way to help family through tough times like this is to find ways to honor the loved one they’ve lost — which can come in many forms.

You won’t believe how one Russian father decided to honor the memory of his daughter. He incorporated her love of technology in a breathtaking memorial.

Amazing memorial stuns mourners

A 25-year-old woman passed away a couple years ago from an unknown illness. Rita Shameeva was such a big fan of her iPhone that her father had a special memorial designed to let everyone know just how much.

Rita was buried at a Russian cemetery with a spectacular headstone. It stands five feet tall and is a replica of an iPhone.

(Image source: Ufa1/east2west news)

The headstone is so realistic it even has the Apple logo on the back side. On the front is the woman’s screensaver that was left on her iPhone. The picture is a beautiful selfie of Rita with her name, along with the dates she was born and died.

Other mourners who are visiting the cemetery say that the massive structure is a bit shocking when they first see it. One person said, “I thought I was having hallucinations” after coming across the grave site for the first time.

Even though some people are startled by what they see, it truly is a touching tribute.

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