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Woman texts best response to a man’s naughty request

They say you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince. The frogs of online dating tend to be the men (and women) who request naked photos upfront. I’m sure some people don’t mind and happily oblige. But, speaking on behalf of most women I know, the only thing worse than a “Send nudes” text is receiving an unsolicited photo of private parts.

Women (and men) always have the option to decline. But a simple no isn’t good enough for the most persistent frogs. Most people will probably say no once more and block the number if need be. But one woman decided to teach her creepy suitor a lesson.

Leona says a guy named Alex she met through Tinder “kept hammering (her) for nudes.”  She posted screen shots of the conversation to Imgur, a website for sharing images. The Imgur community really enjoyed her witty response; at this point, her post has over 12,000 upvotes and has been viewed nearly 470,000 times.

First, she goads his curiosity.


Then she obliges his request in an unexpected way.


Finally, she tops it off by offering to “strip for him.”


For some reason, Alex didn’t respond. It seems he wasn’t that interested in her legs, thighs and breasts after all!

Has anyone ever pestered you for revealing photos or other information via text? Did you keep saying no, block their number, or do something else entirely? Tell me about it in the comments section below.

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