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Will you survive a nuclear war? This interactive map will tell you

The thought of a nuclear war is terrifying! I remember seeing clips of school children being taught to huddle under their desks during the Cold War. This technique was supposed to keep them safe during a nuclear attack.

That almost seems silly thinking back on it. If you’ve ever wondered what would actually happen if this horrible event were to occur, there is a website that will show you.

The site is called Would I Survive A Nuke. It hosts an interactive map that shows you what the nuclear fallout would be if an atomic bomb was dropped near your location.


The site is very simple to use. You just need to submit four factors:

  1. Population – This is for the location of the attack
  2. Number of cities – You can see the impact of 1 to 5 cities
  3. Size of bomb – Select the bomb size to see how much devistation it will cause
  4. Location – You can enter any location on Earth and see how far the path of destruction reaches

Once you submit those factors the site will show the results on a map. I entered my location, Phoenix, Arizona and selected a 350 Kiloton Peacekeeper as the bomb.


Image: Results from a Peacekeeper bomb in Phoenix, AZ

As you can see in the image above, I’d have no chance. Yikes!

The developer of the site said he created it for entertainment purposes about five years ago. Although, it does point out the fact that these weapons of mass destruction need to be taken very seriously.

The international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons estimates that nine countries have a total of nearly 15,000 nuclear weapons. The U.S. and Russia by far have the most with around 7,000 each. About 1,800 of those are always on high-alert, capable of being launched within minutes.

This is scary stuff. Click here if you want to check out the Would I Survive A Nuke website. Submit your information and see how you could be affected.

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