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Why now is the best time to buy a plane ticket

Planning trips is always a hassle it seems. Coordinating schedules, finding a hotel, renting a car, and then finding the best deals on flights. Yes, there are tons of websites claiming to have the best deals, but it’s not always the case.

Many times I will use travel websites to shop several airlines in one place, it’s just easier. Then after I find the best flights, I go to the actual airline’s website. There I usually find even better deals.

But did you know there are certain times of the year that offer the best deals?

Book now if you are traveling in the next few months

Flight booking sites have loads of data on flight prices and trends. They have millions of users and can track things like when tickets were booked for what days and at what prices. This data gives us a leg up.

If you are planning a trip in the next several months, data shows January is the month to buy. On average you will see a 13 percent price increase if you wait until March to buy. Flying internationally? You are likely to see a 56 percent price increase by March.

That’s a huge savings!

Why is January the best month?

Think about typical holiday plans. They start with Thanksgiving with many people traveling to see family. Then a few weeks later, it’s Christmas, again lots of people traveling. Then New Years and back to work.

By that time most of us are drained. We have been on the go, go, go, and have also spent a lot of money in the process. So in January, there is a travel slump. People are catching up on rest, getting back to work, and not thinking about travel.

So airlines offer great deals trying to fill the seats, it’s that simple.

Also, if you can actually travel in the month of January, you can find more deals than just airfare as many tourist destinations see the slump as well. Happy travels!

Protect your personal data while traveling

At home protecting our personal data is a normal part of our life. But when traveling, it can be forgotten because of distractions. You should be on the lookout for cybercriminals trying to steal your critical information, especially when traveling. Here’s how to protect yourself.

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