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What’s the story with the pole-dancing robots everyone is talking about?

The Consumer Electronics Show always makes a big splash, showing off some of the most innovative new products before they even hit the market. This year was no different, with some amazing new televisions, smart gadgets and hi-tech cars.

Now, the show is held in Vegas, the home of casinos and nightclubs, and we can’t ignore some tech of the “adult” variety!

So what happens in Vegas doesn’t necessarily stay in Vegas, and one particular show got quite a bit of buzz.

Bring on the ‘Bots

A local Gentlemen’s club capitalized on the fact so many techies would be in Vegas, and brought in a couple of pole-dancing robots. Yes, I wrote that – pole-dancing robots. It was obviously a gimmick, as these robots looked nothing like a human and were equipped with TV heads and very mechanical bodies. Not quite what attracts most people to the club.

Why they were built

But there is a story behind these racy robots. They were created by a British artist named Giles Walker, who built the bots out of scrap metal for a project called Peepshow. He says when he created them it was to send a message about surveillance and voyeurism. It was a time when London was putting CCTV cameras up all around the city and he wanted to get creative and draw attention to the issue.

Robot pimp

This week, Walker rented them out to the Vegas Gentlemen’s club and now he finds himself and his robots caught up in the adult sex industry. These robots were actually built more than 10 years ago, and while they do gyrate around a pole, they’re more like something you’d see in a Star Wars movie. Walker says while it wasn’t the intention of the robots to work in strip clubs when he created them, it’s paying the bills.

AI is here and growing

Don’t confuse these robots with the more advanced robots like Sophia, who has been making headlines as the most human-like robot to date. Sophia has been built with Artificial Intelligence breakthroughs that we are sure to see more of. All of the big tech companies including Google, Microsoft and Apple are investing heavily in the development of AI.

Who knows? 20 years from now we may be living next door to a “Sophia.”

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