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There are 8 ways to write an ‘X’ – here’s what each one says about you

You can tell a lot from an “X.” Or, you can tell a lot by the way you write your X’s, rather — at least if we’re going by an Instagram post about the eight ways to write an X, anyway.

A story published in O, The Oprah Magazine last year outlined the different ways people write the letter X and what it means for your personality. The story was based on a viral Instagram post depicting the different ways you can write letter X — some start from top left and top right, while others eschew penmanship rules and start from other places instead.

According to the expert who weighed in on the story, some variations mean you have a bit of a rebellious streak while others mean that you paid attention in writing class. Let’s take a look at what your X writing means about you.

What does your writing style say about you?

Method #1: Starting from the bottom right (now we’re here … at the top)

Do you start the strokes of an X at the bottom right and draw upward for both lines? Well, according to the experts Oprah Mag consulted, this “indicates that while you may want to move forward, you have both feet stuck in the past.” You also apparently have your starting place for your X lines stuck at the bottom, but we’re not sure what that means outside of having both feet stuck in the past. You’ll have to ask the experts.

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Method #2: Starting from the bottom left

Do you start the strokes of your X at the bottom left and go upward for both lines? Well, well … looks like we have a renegade on our hands! According to the expert that Oprah Mag consulted, “if you draw both lines moving forward, yet starting in reverse — from bottom left, then the bottom right — you are a renegade. You have a strong desire to slingshot yourself out of your past and move forward, yet the past still has its grips on you.” Who knew an X could tell you so much?

Method #3: Starting from the top right

If your pen strokes for an X start at the top right and slope down on both lines, you’re probably a bit of a rule-breaker, at least when it comes to penmanship, anyway. Those rebellious pencil strokes are “reversed,” which basically puts you on the same level as James Dean as “Rebel Without A Cause.”

Method #4: Top right to bottom left and then up again

If you start your X at the top right and head down, but then switch things up on the second stroke by starting at the bottom right and head up, you’re halfway to writing the “correct” X (which is starting at the top on both strokes). You’re also apparently “trying to focus on the future,” but “a part of you is still tempted to go back as if you’re driving while looking only through the rearview mirror.”

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Method #5: Top left to bottom left

Hey there, maverick! If you’re writing your X from top left to bottom left, but then starting on the bottom right to the upper right on the second stroke, you’re only doing half of this writing thing “correctly.” This method reveals that you’re a maverick and are happy to live by your own rules — at least when it comes to pencil strokes on an X, anyway.

Method #6: Bottom left to top left

You know what the maverick X writer did above? Well, you do that in reverse, meaning you only write one stroke on an X correctly and you write it out of order. That indicates you’re a trendsetter, happy to eschew penmanship rules for your own way of doing things.

Method #7: Left to right, the right way

Do you start at the top left to write an X and make the second stroke from the top right? Well, well. Look at you following the penmanship rules! This is the correct way to write an X and was likely taught in school that writing follows the pattern of left to right. What this also means is that you “don’t tend to stray from the norm — and you like order and balance.” And also penmanship rules, apparently.

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Method #8: The reverse method, right to left

Do you start your X at the top right and then write the second stroke from the top left? Well, you’re starting on the wrong side of the X and eschewing the norms, but that makes sense, since according to experts, you “prefer to think outside of the box.” You also think outside of the traditional X writing methods — which, according to experts, should be written from left to right starting at the top.

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