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What if everyone knew what you liked and disliked the instant they saw you?

Have you heard of Blippar? This app uses your phone’s camera to scan and identify the things around you. It has an augmented reality (AR) component that displays details about that item in your camera’s view finder.

A few months ago, the creators updated the app so that it could identify a car’s make, model, and year. The AR feature displayed the car’s price, ratings and a view of the interior. Watch this video for an example of how it works.

Scanning cars was just the beginning. The Halos feature of the app can literally scan faces to show users a profile of the person they are scanning. The app’s AR feature will project details about the subject over their head like a halo. Imagine looking at your friend through your camera phone and seeing their Facebook profile floating above their head.

Public Figure Facial Recognition was added to the app last December. Users could scan a famous person’s face to see a profile of interesting facts about them. With this update, any Blippar user can create a profile for their own face and share things like their mood, a photo, or their latest Tweet. Users would have total control over what content is displayed in their profile.

“Our faces are our most unique and expressive form of communication. Through Halos, our AR face profiles, we are making the face accessible in digital format for the first time, providing an innovative and dynamic way of expressing ourselves and discovering more about those around you,” said Ambarish Mitra, who is the Co-Founder & CEO at Blippar.

Blippar’s facial recognition API (tools for building the software) is also available to companies who would like to use it for their own purposes. So it’s possible that mobile banking apps and other online accounts may license this technology so that you can sign in from your phone with your face.

“The technology lends itself to many other forms of implementation, and we are delighted to be able to share our APIs and technology with other companies who, like us, are committed to spurring on innovation in their own industries,” said Mitra.

This beta version of the Halo feature just launched. If you want to try it out for yourself, you can download it from the App Store or Google Play Store.

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