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Watch these amazing robot skiers compete in their own Winter Olympic event

The 2018 Winter Olympics from South Korea are in full swing. Have you been watching?

If you were able to catch the Opening Ceremonies last week, you might have noticed Team USA wearing some pretty high-tech gear. More specifically, the jackets they were wearing had a self-heating interior built right in. Amazing!

New tech being unveiled didn’t end with clothing. You’re now going to love this skiing competition, get this, with robots!

Riveting ski robot challenge

One challenge competitors have during Winter Olympics is battling the elements. Not only are they in fierce competition with other athletes but also the cold and wind. It can be brutal out there!

However, this group of “athletes” does not have that problem. They can handle most everything Mother Nature could throw at them.

I’m talking about robots of course.

A special event dubbed the “Ski Robot Challenge” was held this week about an hour away from the official Winter Olympics. Eight robotics teams from private companies and universities competed in the event for a $10,000 prize. Watch the following video to see these incredible robots hit the slopes.

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There were only a few qualifications for robots to enter the challenge. They had to be over 50 centimeters tall, stand on two ‘legs’ with joints that resemble knees and elbows, and have an independent power system. Oh, and they also had to use skis and poles.

Each robot was rigged with camera sensors that allowed them to detect flagpoles along their path as they raced downhill. Teams were awarded points for each flagpole their robot was able to avoid hitting as well as the time it took to reach the finish line. TAEKWAN-V was the winning team.

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