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Catch a movie this summer at one of Walmart’s new drive-in theaters

An unfortunate side-effect of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the untimely demise of movie theaters as we know them. For months, theaters have shuttered their doors, and the much-needed distractions we depend on from Hollywood have been out of our lives — with some upcoming features delayed indefinitely.

As depressing as this reality is, it’s not hard to see why opening theaters again would be a bad idea. An enclosed space like a theater, with hundreds of people packed inside together for hours at a time, would become a viral cesspool in a matter of hours. No amount of hand sanitizer and soap can change that. Tap or click here to see the best ways to prevent COVID-19.

But movies and entertainment are sorely missed, and bringing them in some form would be a huge boost to morale across the country. Well, get ready to grab some popcorn, because Walmart has figured out a way to bring the cinema roaring back to life in shades of classic Americana: The Drive-in movie theater. Yes, this is actually happening.

A retro solution to a modern problem

Walmart has officially announced that it’s partnering with Tribeca to deliver a full-fledged drive-in movie experience to store parking lots across the nation. As movie theaters continue their months-long shutdown, this would provide movie-lovers and studios alike a new opportunity to premier movies without the massive threat of COVID-19

Per the plans, Walmart will be converting its own parking lots into drive-in theaters complete with concessions like drinks and popcorn. Audio will be remotely broadcast into every car during the show, which means you won’t miss out on a moment of action on screen. Tap or click here to see some of our favorite gadgets for your car.

Drive-in movie theaters have never completely gone away, but they have declined massively in popularity since their peak in the 1950s. Walmart’s efforts would be a shot-in-the-arm for a vintage form of movie consumption, as well as a potential revival for the film industry in general.

This is a fantastic idea for several reasons. Americans want to see movies again but are concerned for their health and well-being during the pandemic. This manages to address both concerns while taking advantage of existing space. After all, we’re pretty sure only Ikea has bigger parking lots per-capita than Walmart.

Plus, the drive-in is an undeniable slice of Americana. While we may not see parking lots full of hot-rods and poodle skirts like yesteryear, the nostalgic experience is one that everybody can enjoy together.

When can we start taking trips to the drive-in?

As of now, Walmart is tentatively projecting August as the target date for drive-ins to start appearing in store parking lots. Beyond this date, we don’t have additional information on pricing, showtimes, and what movies will be available.

Existing drive-ins have been mostly showing older movies during nightly engagements, which means Walmart would be wise to pick up something newer and unreleased for the masses. Whether or not we’ll be able to watch Christopher Nolan’s Tennet or Marvel Studios’ Black Widow from the comfort of our car remains to be seen.

Regardless of what happens, there’s one thing that we can all benefit from at the drive-in: It’s much, much easier to smuggle in snacks from the convenience store by hiding them in your glove box instead of a bulky jacket. Those $8 boxes of chocolate can take a hike.

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