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Turn your home into a Halloween funhouse

Don’t look now but it’s holiday season. Which one is your favorite?

I’m sure most of us would have said Halloween when we were children. What’s better than dressing up as your favorite superhero, knocking on every door in the neighborhood and coming home with a bucket full of candy?

But you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy the spookiest night of the year. With all the fantastic smart technology out there, we can spruce up our homes and join in on the fun.

Kick up your Halloween game a notch

Want to set the scene to spooky? Start with some smart LED light bulbs that can change color on command.

Whether you’re trying to get the mood right for your Halloween party or scare the neighborhood kids, these BriHome smart LED bulbs can help.

You can choose from a number of different colors for different lighting effects. In fact, there are nearly 16 million colors available, plus warm white light.

It even works with Amazon’s Alexa and the Google Home Assistant for a hands-free experience. You can also schedule the lights to turn on or off at set times.

It’s available from Amazon for under $12.

If you want a string of Halloween lights, you can get those too. These ones aren’t smart lights, but they’re perfect for this ghostly holiday.

This string of 20 LED ghost lights can be placed inside or out for the perfect Halloween decoration theme.

The whole string of ghost lights costs under $14 on Amazon.

This hanging ghost is sure to terrify the younglings in the neighborhood. It supports smart voice wake-up and will make a frightening sound to spook passersby for sure.

The ghosts’ eyes even come to life and emit an evil red glow. You can get it from Amazon for under $17.

Wanna light-up your jack-o-lanterns safely this year? These mini magnet lights are compact enough to put in and light up any jack-o-lantern.

With 40 hours of battery life, it lasts longer than a candle. And it won’t ruin the inside of the pumpkin either!

What’s even cooler is that after Halloween, you can use these lights to illuminate anything you want! The magnets can be stuck to any metal surface! Make sure to click or tap here to make the best pumpkin carvings this Halloween!

Magnetic Light Sphere

Magnetic Light Sphere

at Komando Shop


On a night where most of the family is out of the house, you can play your own trick on the mischief makers. Make it look like you’re at home having a scary movie night with this light projecting device.

It makes the same flickering light of a real television, so burglars won’t know the difference! Click or tap here to get yours and go out on the town worry-free!

Fake TV Burglar Deterrent

Fake TV Burglar Deterrent

at Komando Shop


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