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Apple AirTags for travel
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Smart step to take before you travel

We love novel solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems. One of the most incredible pieces of tech in this regard has got to be Apple AirTags. Tap or click here for clever ways to use AirTags.

What about incorporating AirTags when you travel? They might save you from having to deal with lost luggage ever again.

Read on for one of the simplest ways to keep tabs on your luggage and anything else vital while you travel.

How to use AirTags for travel

Slipping AirTags into your suitcases before a flight can be a lifesaver. If the airline loses your bag, an AirTag can help locate it. But that’s not the only thing AirTags can help with while traveling.

AirTags are great for keeping track of your wallet in a foreign city. If you leave your wallet or purse at a coffee shop or, worse, someone swipes it from you, an AirTag will pinpoint its location and the thief.

This one is big for anybody traveling for business. Formal clothes, expensive jewelry and any work devices with valuable files and data won’t always be on your person as you mingle and schmooze. Fortunately, you’ll know if they’ve been taken from your hotel room if you place an AirTag on them.

Aside from this tip, you should also be using AirTags for anything important you plan to check in at the gate. A few items that deserve their own AirTag include your suitcase, a laptop case, your pet’s crate, a purse and any special equipment.

AirTags are great for travel because a country’s borders do not limit them. They only need a Bluetooth connection and Apple’s Find My network.

Are you making the most of your AirTags?

More than 42% of AirTag enthusiasts use them for nothing but their keys. Our take: why not get the most value out of these innovative lifesavers?

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