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Time-traveler claiming to be from 2030 PASSES a lie detector test

What would you do if you had the ability to travel back in time?

Would you right a wrong? How about go the Biff Tannen route and use your knowledge for ill-gotten gains? Maybe you would do something to better humanity.

All of that would make sense; it would also be different from what one alleged time traveler has been doing.

Believe him…or don’t

The man, who is going by Noah, says he is from the year 2030 and has gone on a few internet shows to talk about the future and try to convince people that he is, in fact, from the future. Naturally, people are skeptical, which is why ApexTV decided to put him through a lie detector test. Or, at least some version of one.

Noah, who said he was not able to share everything he knew about the future due to the possibility of creating a paradox, did talk about some things that will supposedly happen in the future. Among them, he proclaimed that currency does not really change and Donald Trump wins a second term as president, while humanity travels to Mars in 2028.

He went on to say he’s 55 years of age but has the appearance of someone in their 20s due to taking a rejuvenation pill. He added that artificial intelligence is improved from what we have now, but still not at a human-like level. However, space travel is apparently accessible to most, though there are no bases of any kind on the moon yet.

The idea of time travelers is not new, as it is one of many conspiracy-type concepts that many want to believe is possible. Perhaps it is and society is just not yet in a place where it will believe that someone from the future can be in the present. Or, maybe this is just a prank or joke that has become pretty popular.

You should decide for yourself.

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