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This year’s funniest April Fools’ pranks

It’s the day of pranks, gags, and silly tricks. Has anyone fooled you today yet? Here are some ideas if you need a little bit of inspiration.

But today isn’t just for the jokesters. Advertising teams like to get in on the fun too. Many times they create funny commercials for ridiculous but fake products. Here are some of our favorites from this year:

1. uSit : Biometric Bathroom Tracking Device

Are you ready for a type of wearable tech that ably tracks your restroom moments? We hope not because Quilted Northern’s “brand new” toilet tracking device is nothing but an April Fools’ prank – a very funny April Fools’ prank.

Called uSit – the world’s first biometric bathroom tracker, this outrageous wearable will log the frequency and duration of your “sits,” set personalized goals, earn badges and even lets you challenge and compete with friends!

Cool idea, for sure, but sadly we’re not going to see uSits (and uSit Minis) strapped to anyone soon.

2. Honda Horn Emojis

Let me drive to the point. Emojis are fun. These cute little icons let us express our deepest thoughts and emotions when we are at loss for words.

What’s more fun than emojis? Emojis in car horns.

Introducing Honda DreamLab’s Horn Emojis! With a full range of expressive horn sounds (all seven of them), this awesome new technology lets drivers emote feelings of joy, frustration, and anger on the road with a push of a steering wheel button. Feeling lost and confused? Honk it out!

It may be a prank but Horn Emojis are too cute to resist.

3. Car that runs on AA batteries

Rechargeable electric cars have come a long way from being the rare tech novelties they were to the mainstream road fixtures we see every day.

But what if your garage doesn’t have a viable electric socket to plug in your electric car?

Introducing the Blink Xt1 EPV, a sports car that runs purely on store-bought AA lithium batteries.

That’s 20,000 AA lithium batteries for two years. In the future, we can all drive our fancy Blink Xti’s to Costco in style before we run out of juice. I heard they have great deals in bulk-sized AA batteries.

Bonus: Buffalo Wild Wings: Rally Beard Sauce

Have some fun with these April Fools’ pranks

These aren’t the only April Fools’ jokes that will tickle your funny-bone. Other sites are getting in on the fun also.

Here are some popular ones that you can share with your friends. Just click on the hyperlinks to see how they work:

  • Google Maps has a Ms. Pac Man feature to help you chomp the day away.
  • Hulu – claims to have set up hu TV abbreviated. To help humans’ short attention span, now you can watch abbreviated versions of your favorite shows.
  • Amazon Alexa Moments: Petlexa – the new feature lets animals communicate with Alexa just like humans do.
  • Roku – is now suggesting which snacks would pair well with your viewing decision.
  • Google Wind – brought to you by Google Netherland, is designed to control the weather using windmills.
  • Doordash – is introducing the app Meal Override Mode, or M.O.M. for short.
  • DuoLingo – now offers training in the world of emoji. Learn the language of emoji in just five minutes a day, for free.
  • Lexus LC – this luxury vehicle keeps other drivers out of your way by moving them for you.
  • Eau de Chlôrine – the perfume that keeps you smelling like a swimming pool.
  • TruSkin invisible glasses – as you can see, these are not real.
  • Progressive – insurance for life on Mars.

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