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This year, you’ll want to watch the Super Bowl at home – Trust me!

The most watched TV broadcast (with over 100 million views every year for the past seven years) is just around the corner. After you decide who you’re rooting for (either the Falcons or the Patriots), the next order of business is deciding where to watch the big game.

Are you bidding on Super Bowl tickets and searching for last minute flights to Houston? Or are you perfectly content with streaming the game online for free? Although both of those options are great, after reading this you may choose to watch the game on TV.

For the first time ever, new technology will put the fans in the game. The FOX Sports broadcast will use “Be the Player,” a feature created by Intel, to give viewers at home the perspective of a player. Replays of the biggest game highlights will be shown as point-of-view video clips.

The quarterback literally makes snap decisions so if you’ve ever been upset with a bad throw then this feature may cause you to cut him some slack.

“…it literally brings the audience down to the viewpoint of the player at the critical decision-making moment. What other choices did he have? Was his sight blocked? It all looks much different from field level, and can assist our announcers in describing what actually happened on the field,” said Michael Davies, FOX Sports SVP of Field & Technical Operations.

So how will FOX Sports achieve this new game watching feature? Let me start by saying, the NFL will not be strapping GoPros to every player’s helmet! Instead, 38 Ultra High Definition cameras will circle the field and capture 360 degrees of footage. Producers will edit these clips to create the “Be the Player” replays.

Here’s an example of what it will look like.

In addition to “Be the Player,” FOX Sports will be using other forms of technology to create a better viewing experience. Seventy cameras, including high-speed Super Motion cameras, high-resolution 4K cameras, and 24 cameras inside pylons (the little orange markers at the goal lines), are being used to capture all of the action. And for people at the game, the Skycam will use augmented reality cameras to place a first-down line on the field.

Are you excited to “Be the Player?” Will all of this technology enhance your watching experience or is it just extra fluff with no real value? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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