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This McDonald’s math puzzle is baffling the internet

Is this a McDonald’s marketing ploy? Or does the artist who designed the puzzle just happen to really enjoy Big Macs? Either way, the internet is having a fun time trying to solve this puzzle.

Looking at it might make you hungry! It involves the classic McDonald’s meal – a burger and fries with a drink. You must figure out how much each symbol represents so that you can solve the final equation.


This answer is 15! There are two keys to solving this puzzle. First, you must notice that the second equation has four fries boxes so each box must equal 1. Second, you must know the order of operations for solving equations. Since there are no parentheses around the burger and fries in the third equation, you must multiply the fries by the drink before you add the burger.

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How did you do? Was this an easy one? Or did it make you want to forget about math and eat McDonald’s instead?

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